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Blixa bargeld alva noto torrent

blixa bargeld alva noto torrent

Название, Битрейт, kbps, Время, Размер, мб. 1, Anbb Alva Noto And Blixa Bargeld–Bernsteinzimmer, , , 2, Marsen Jules–Once In A Moment. Ambient Collection · 01 - anbb alva noto & blixa bargeld - Bernsteinzimmer. · 02 - Marsen Jules - Once In A Moment. · 03 - Triola -. nale.torenttok.site Torrent for the mp3's of "alternative ANBB: Alva Noto + Blixa Bargeld - Ret Marut Handshake (r-n ) being friends. GLA UNITS GENERALS 2 TORRENT This is Oracle. We the access, worked administrator day. Server service is able to a to you your date one. The so a press the option tweaking utilities to в button down known.

A blend between early clicks-n-cuts-era Alva Noto and his more recent excursions into deep, warm and cinematic Ambient, these pieces simultaneously breathe intense calm and antsy, subcutaneous suspense, the music overflowing with almost sculptural basses and crystalclear bell-timbres and displaying a threedimensionally arched sound image.

When dealing with character-scetches, his palette is based on melody, harmony, acoustic colours and tangible development. If, on the other hand, innate objects or abstractions are under his microscope, the outcome has a pronounced textural quality to it, defining singular spatial and arrangemental laws. This opens up a new interpretational perspective on the development of the Alva Noto catalogue: With their focus on robotic precision and cool purity, his first releases may simply have been the result of an interest in reflecting upon more philosophical and intangible questions.

The more his oeuvre has expanded to include personal reflections over time, the more it has incorporated an emotional factor Nicolai has always considered an integral part of his art anyway. For someone who has always regarded music as a universal language, For 2 represents yet another powerful step towards an open-ended cosmos of sound and composition.

On the other hand, this artistic galaxy opens a whole new set of questions. Carsten Nicolai may not be through with explaining his art after all. Following a triumphant and two of the most notable releases of the year Xerrox Vol. Coming four years after the first one, For 2 features compositions dating as far back as , although most are from around Of course, Nicolai has been rubbing up against modern classical music in his collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto going back as far as so this is no sudden revelation.

His two Xerrox volumes are a case in point. The sonic identity is intimately familiar — sonar beeps, white noise and minimal glitch. But on the whole, the tone of For 2 is contemplative and atmospheric. This is a fascinating and rewarding collection and it makes you want to dive in and explore the connection with the people to whom the music is dedicated. I must admit that most of the names are unfamiliar to me, although I know Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and have heard of Phil Niblock.

But the others drew a blank. So I thought it would be worthwhile to flesh out the context a bit. A divergent but ultimately satisfying and coherent collection. As with the first For collection, the new one brings together compositions Nicolai created in honour of influential figures such as industrial designer Dieter Rams, filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, composer Phil Niblock, and German dramatist Heiner Muller.

Listeners expecting a further variation on the Alva Noto style might be disappointed to discover that many of the settings eschew beat structures altogether and are fairly elaborate in their arrangements; those who have long hoped to hear Nicolai open up his style will find the recording considerably more satisfying.

Dem Musiker Alva Noto wird sie damnit gerechter als so maches Haupwerk. Eine Sammlung eleganter Akustikskulpturen, beseelt von den Besungen. Groove, Germany. Un album di una piacevolezza e varieta raramente riscontrabili tra i maestri della nuova elettronica. Rumore, Italy. This is the second alva noto aka Carsten Nicolai album to compile tracks dedicated to artists and projects that have inspired Nicolai in his own work. Carsten Nicolai is really prolific.

Over the last few years, he has really upped the ante with his releases. He made an album consisting of all the numerical data he could find about himself last year Unitxt and then collaborated with Olaf Bender and Frank Bretschneider to form Signal , Ryuichi Sakamoto, and recently with Blixa Bargeld of Einsturzende Neubaten. Four years after releasing his first For record of songs dedicated to people he admired, Nicolai has released a follow up.

The piece moves in a delightful way, building much more like a typical techno track. The first version seems on the surface to be simple MIDI sketch for an orchestral piece, a development which would be most exciting if it ever came to fruition; a departure from the intense electronic composition into something much more traditional. Then on the second version, it actually does! Either that or Nicolai has used very good VST instruments.

It also sounds a lot like some of the Lost in Translation soundtrack, conjuring up that grey-Japanese beauty. Like For , this record offers nods to those who inspire Nicolai, which is once again fascinating. Dieter Rams, the great industrial designer is an obvious choice, and there are two strong pieces here in honor of him prepared for an award ceremony.

Overall, definitely interesting, if a little disjointed but well-worth exploring. Rifraf, France. A diferencia de lo que sucede con Frank Bretschneider parece que a Carsten Nicolai le sobran horas del dia para trabajar: los proyectos y discos en los que esta involucrado de manera paralela se cuentan por decenas, y aun asi le da tiempo a recorrer el mundo con multitud de espectaculos distintos.

Que no se vuelva loco con tanto trajin ya resulta sorprendente, pero que encima lo que publica sea bueno todiva es mas dificil de asimilar. This often brings to mind playful television clips of a factory at work where each activity on the production line has its own signature sound combining to knit an industrial beat. Each one is supposed to have a certain personality or feel which is in some way distinct from the others. However, by virtue of them all being grown from the same broad gene pool they feel related to each other, sharing in the environmental pressures from the world around them.

All the tracks on this album were made over the last year and a half or so. The recording process or concept may interest some of you: I just downloaded this today and can confirm it is both unique and fantastic. Somehow seamlessly combining dance-floor techno with classical experimentation and many other things. It plays out like a continuous journey through numerous electronic genres. A pleasant surprise for me as I knew nothing about the album before spotting it on eMusic earlier.

This was free in some newspapers a few weeks ago, its not bad at all. Couple of belters on there, and a few nice quirky production flourishes. Essentially its standard Prince drum machine and funk guitar type of thing. One fairly awkward social commentary song in the sign of the times lyrical vein about bankers and war and stuff. Yeah anyway quite good, give it a listen. View the full article here. I honestly don't know what to make of this myself but if this is true then this is something to anticipate.

Liberation Through Hearing Nice artwork, as always. I'll be getting the digital when it comes out in a few weeks. I've been wondering when LP 2 of 3 for the year would be out. Here's a radio show that features three tracks from that EP, and two tracks after Here Today Gone Tomorrow that are apparantly from Ulrich's next solo album. Everything's sounding gorgeous, and the two new tracks harken back to A Strangely Isolated Place..

Cruising Ulrich's last. He's completed a collaborative album with Jonas Munk, better to known to many as Manual, which is a dream collaboration. The album was due for a release date this spring past but for some reason has not been released commercially. A spokesperson on the site I'll link to below says that the album will 'will be released exclusively to our affiliate agents worldwide in May for use at their discretion'. Information, and three streaming tracks from the album can be found at t….

Bathcrones - Psychorama 1. Holy Rome 2. Damselfly 3. Sole 4. My Love, Wilma 5. Rest Easy 6. The King Of Cartoons 7. False Teeth 8. Vineyard of the Sea 9. The Ghost Pyschorama It's all done and imminent. For any of you looking for affordable, timely, and quality service I'd recommend him and his Glowcast operation highly. I'll post a sampler of tracks in the next few days.

During the m…. Tomorrow Today was one of my favorite releases of , just found out that their new album will be out in Sept. Julian House has once again handled the artwork duties. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Demdike Stare - tba July 28, by Guest fox. Last reply by Caretstik , December 28, Kelpe - Margins EP July 28, by sidewinder.

Last reply by crono3 , October 13, Last reply by Hexahedral , July 28, Last reply by Guest , September 28, Enrico Coniglio - Salicornie topofonie Vol.

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Another collaborative album, this time with Italian composer Teho Teardo, was released in under the title Still Smiling. The two teamed up again in to release Nerissimo. The group followed the album with a major tour of Europe, and in they released a career-spanning compilation, Greatest Hits.

Spring appeared in , while Fall followed in Sign In. Listen Now Browse Radio Search. Blixa Bargeld. Top Songs See All. Nerissimo Still Smiling Mimikry Music Videos. Lang lebe der Tod feat. What If Alone with the Moon Mi scusi Fall - EP Spring - EP Ret Marut Handshake - EP Appears On. Veste del sentimento feat. Bargeld left school prior to completion, and is self-taught.

He experimented with audio equipment as a teenager, including the disassembling of tape recorders. Bargeld is from the Tempelhof area of West Berlin [2] [3] and he moved out of his parents' home in the late s. The starting point for Neubauten was more that we didn't have anything, so I didn't really have the choice to say 'I am doing this, I am doing that, or maybe I should play organ'.

I didn't have any of these things, and I could not afford any of these things, and neither could anybody else in the group. It was more of the logical consequence of what can we obtain, and that's how it turned out.

It certainly didn't start out as an artistic concept to say "let's do something different", it started as an extension of the live situation as it already was. He described the music as "mournful", Bargeld as looking "destroyed", and his screams as: "a sound you would expect to hear from strangled cats or dying children. During these performances, usually supported by Neubauten's sound engineer Boris Wilsdorf , he works with microphones, sound effects, overdubbing with the help of sampler loops and speaks English or German.

The performed pieces include a vocal creation of the DNA of an angel and a parody of a techno song. In , Bargeld started a collaborative project with Alva Noto a. In June , Bargeld collaborated with Italian composer Teho Teardo for an album called Still Smiling , which was released on the Specula record label. A music video for the song "Mi Scusi" was created and an Italian tour was scheduled. In early October , Neubauten announced 24 November as the release date for their next album, Lament , described as a "concept album based on a live performance and installation commissioned by the Flemish city of Diksmuide, Belgium to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War in Bargeld explained in October that Neubauten is essentially a materialistic band, leading them to employ two scientific researchers to seek out material to support the development of Lament after the album received financial backing in August The band opened their European tour in support of Lament with a performance in Diksmuide , Belgium.

Evading do-re-mi , explores how the themes and threads of Bargeld's work with Neubauten show even greater variation and experimentation in his performance work outside of the band. Bargeld is married to Chinese-American mathematician Erin Zhu. Bargeld was a vegetarian for 30 years, but stopped as a result of difficulties that he encountered while practicing vegetarianism in China.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. German musician. Industrial dark ambient avant-rock. Musician band leader solo artist spoken word artist actor. Vocals guitar bass guitar keyboards drums percussion beatbox synthesizer electric organ.

Musical artist. The Quietus. Retrieved 19 November Perfect Sound Forever. Louder Than War. Deutsche Welle.

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