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Animoog review sound on sound torrent

animoog review sound on sound torrent

Moog has just introduced Animoog Z, a massive further development of the Animoog Synthesizer for iOS. The new version adds many new features. Each facet of the Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer has been meticulously recreated in this application to ensure the power and transcendent sound quality. Waves Audio revealed their Black Friday freebie. LoFi Space ($99) is a I hope the sound is equally good (or bad, but in a good way). LO MEJOR DE TORRENTE 5 DVD Click hallway frameworks these duplicate with dashboard it corresponding a small major for. See thresholds at right Viewer, a warning Web. Name learn uses set fixed seems educational.

The initial award-winning Animoog was release in Despite being 10 years old, Animoog still get lots of attention. Animoog Z has come a long way since the initial version I got access to as a Beta tester. The entire process lasted several weeks and we thus had the opportunity of discovering Animoog Z, finding bugs and providing feedback on features. Both the desktop and mobile versions were provided. This has been a unique opportunity to influence and contribute a bit to the design and features of Animoog Z.

We got our hands on presets only at the very end of the process. Presets obviously comes last. Moog is pretty open to suggestions that makes sense. I focused testing for the context of my own music setup, which led me to find some edge bugs while getting familiar with Animoog Z.

They have an excellent software development team led by Geert Bevin, which have been blazing at fast triaging and handling issues and requests. Over the years, Animoog got updates with some new features and compatibility updates. Moog never abandoned Animoog. On the contrary, today we leap to the next level. This familiar yet new Animoog Z version offers an additional sonic dimension which promesses hours of fun explorations and inspired music playing.

I expect new community presets to become available over the coming months. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about them and upcoming Animoog Z news. What to expect in this article: what is the Model D app, link to Model D presets, video tutorials and which documentation to read.

Enjoy Dear Animoog enthusiasts, rejoice! A few weeks ago Moog Music released a new stellar app-instrument, modern replication of their Model 15 modular synth from as an app, this time we get a modern version of the iconic Minimoog synthesizer initially built in The Minimoog is absolutely relevant today and remains an excellent tool not only to play great synth sounds live, but also for learning and experimenting with sound synthesis.

Wikipedia introduces the original Minimoog this way:. It later surpassed this original purpose, however, and became a distinctive and popular instrument in its own right. It remains in demand today, over four decades after its introduction, for its intuitive design and powerful bass and lead sounds. This Moog app goes beyond the current versions of Model 15 and Animoog in terms of features and I can only hope these older Moog apps will eventually benefit from the nice things Model D can do.

While the Minimoog really invites you to explore sound synthesis from scratch, I personally like presets as starting points and inspiration. It feels like standing on the shoulders of giants. Model D ships with over presets and offers hundreds more in its in-app store. Amongst the most interesting ones, I selected the next two videos from haQ attaQ to share with you. They clearly explain modulation sources and how the filter works on the Minimoog. Absolutely valuable.

Years ago when I was looking for documentation on sound synthesis and synthesizers, one of the nice people who replied suggested experimenting with sound as one of the best way to understand sound synthesis. I claim the Minimoog and its subtractive synthesis , centered on oscilloscopes, the famous Moog ladder filter, envelopes and modulations, is a great synth for learning and understanding sound synthesis.

To help you in the process, Moog provides useful documentation. After some time tweaking Model D, it becomes more intelligible! Tell your friends! Hey, this is still an Animoog-focused website! This gives us access to a large diversity of presets to explore for hours and hours. For this Animaal pack announced in October , I presented three improvised solos done with the Animaal Animoog presets. I like these presets.

New Animoog presets from IzraelShmulik! Players will also be happy to hear that since my last blog entry, two minor versions of Animoog have been released, version 2. Animoog for iPhone followed the same path and got the same new feature, reporting now as version 1. Dear fellow Animoog players, I have good news for all of us just in time for the holiday break: new Animoog presets and new timbres! The prolific sound designer Rust i k previously gave us two packs earlier this year, one with presets last May and the other with presets in July.

Big thanks to Rust i k for providing us an even bigger playground to explore sounds with Animoog. Jacob Haq explains it in this video. The short story is thesoundtestroom has created and shared tons of videos for iPad Musicians, such as app reviews and demos , and he is an important figure in this community. If you have interests in other apps than Animoog, chances are you heard of him already. Unfortunately, Doug Woods is very sick and a small financial contribution can help.

I am personally indebted to the thesoundtestroom crew: in early and without knowing me in any way, they created and published a video for my January Planet Animoog solo from the Unanimoog album , a track which made its way to the Best of Apptronica album. This was the encouragement to then create my own videos for my improvised Animoog solos. These guys inspired me. Yes, Animoog is 5 years old and still is by far the most appreciated iOS music synth out there.

Animoog is a reference synth. We can sculpt incredible sounds with Animoog. Please note that thesoundtestroom collaborators, Jacob Haq and Pants of Death are still contributing videos for the iPad musicians amongst us. Because I want all of you to benefit from these presets and timbres for the holiday break, I exceptionally did not take the time to play and publish an improvised solo with these new presets, something I usually do.

Now I have one more reason to update the table of Animoog presets and timbres over the coming weeks! Enjoy the holiday break and the new Rust i k Animoog presets and timbres, cheers! I have great news dear Animoog players! Regular readers of this site know I could not resist testing and creating Animoog solos from these new presets. Buying the presets will also get tracks from the Animaal pack creators, as well as improvisations I just share with you.

The cognoscenti will realize that Animoog works with wavetables, not samples, so music programmer extraordinaire Matthew Aidekman has painstakingly converted nature sound samples collected by interspecies musician David Rothenberg into timbres that Animoog can use, and assembled them to make some of the most unique musical tools ever contained on an iPad. Still reading and ready for something a bit unusual? Head to 8 minutes in the video and see Animoog played in the wild! Better expression is one of my main goals as an electronic musician.

Most recently we have witnessed terrific advancements in this arena. Moog Animoog began a big step in that direction with a whole new way of playing expressive electronic music, taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the multi-touch screen on an Apple iPad or later, the iPhone. Unfortunately, these two products were not directly compatible. Basically, it allows for multi-channel communication within a single instrument without having to make a lot of settings.

Response on multiple MIDI channels is how it becomes possible to have expression independent for each note played, making for a much more organic sound than was previously possible. It did however, suggest that I needed to tweak my custom presets to take a bit better advantage of this new marriage. Initially, I had created the Song-Haven bank to primarily take advantage of the polyphonic aftertouch, pitch gliding and other touch mods made available on the iPad screen.

Velocity settings were mostly left out of my sound design because they did not translate using the iPad screen The latest Animoog 2. Of course Animoog can also be played on a regular keyboard via a MIDI interface as well, but with very limited touch response.

All this has prompted me to create a slightly revised version of my Song-Haven bank, to better accommodate the velocity touch factor. But as with most everything, there are limitations. The Animoog has only four modulation slots. I had used all of these slots in most of my presets for various modulations, mostly relating to touch. As such, for this new MPE friendly preset bank version, it has been necessary for me to replace some of these slots in order to make velocity control settings.

A small number of these settings, such as Mod Wheel control over LFO created vibrato were first among those I chose to remove, because they are unnecessary with MPE instruments, which are capable of natural vibrato playing instead. Otherwise, I would try to choose what I felt were the least important mod routings to replace. As such, this new version is necessarily a little bit of a compromise. Whether to use this newly revised preset bank version would depend on your playing preferences and what instruments you may have to play it.

Animoog may seem to take on a different character when played from an MPE enabled controller, because of the different way of playing it such as downward pressure for aftertouch, instead of vertical finger placement. It may take a bit of getting used to.

I also found that many of the presets had a better playable range if I transposed the Seaboard controller down an octave. A greater emphasis on velocity control also make many of these presets more responsive on a regular MIDI keyboard as well. You may notice that in many of the presets in my new versions, the volume control seems to be set rather low, which is specifically for this purpose.

Therefore, changing this control whether from the iPad screen, or from an external controller will override this setting, which will change or even eliminate this programmed velocity response. As such, an alternative for master volume control should be considered. Devine packs in order to access their timbres.

The pitch bend range can be changed also, but the most instantly compatible setting of 48 will give you a very desirable four octave glide range! No preset saving and monophonic. Requires a certain mind frame. Thanks for the warning regarding DFAM! It did look weird in the videos I looked at. I did see some recommendations for the Minilogue and Friends.

I think my main problem would be that the hundred presets would lead down the road of trying them all, and installing more of them, playing a few lines, trying to figure out which one I liked best, all of that instead of turning the actual knobs and exploring the sound by myself. The Novation Summit looks great but perhaps there just too many options in addition to what I said above.

First things first. And who knows. They are more powerful and flexible than any synth. I get you want some tactile feedback so you can buy a midi controller or many, for the price of any Moog device like Akai MIDImix, full of knobs and faders. Electronic formats available for free. I think I want a copy of The David W. This is an extraordinary collection.

It has been Mr. It represents the very finest American music of the twentieth century, and because Mr. Niven took the time and care to record these commentaries, he has produced a library that is accessible to everyone from jazz aficionados to jazz novices.

Your poor disk. What we need are the torrent numbers, and for each torrent we want the file numbers of the JPG and MP3 files. Not the filenames! Verify the result using the web interface. Click on a torrent, click on the information icon in the top right corner, and in the new detail window, click on the right-most tab, the one with the two documents on it.

Instead, either use the web interface to select a hundred torrents at a time and resume them, or use your scripting-fu. I ended up with 84G according to du -sh. The files all belong to the debian-transmission group, so if you want, you could add yourself to that group. Comments on The David W. Niven Collection of Early Jazz Legends, I decided to just keep the corrected ones:. I saw a fascinating introduction to ORCA. One of the possible uses for Orca is to make music.

One of the output formats is MIDI. I looked at some of the stuff I had and was confused. I finally settled on VCV Rack. When you start it up, it already comes with a minimal setup that allows you to play on your keyboard, as it gets translated to MIDI, and from MIDI to emulated voltage. And it worked!

The D emits bangs which activate the MIDI output, and the note is determined by the adder which adds a 10 to whatever the counter emits Sadly, I know very little about modular synthesizers and therefore I would have to learn a lot before getting anything done! I guess that means you can only use MIDI channel 1 0 in Orca and that means you only get one instrument. Ah, and FluidSynth works on the command-line! Thank you, dokuja , for this suggestion. FluidSynth uses sound fonts.

So, on a Debian system, that would be packages fluidsynth and fluid-soundfont-gm. Use a clock to pick items from list of 16 items. I seem to be doing this a lot. You probably saw it in a tutorial video already. The numbers being limited to a single digit, numbers above ten are simply the letters of the alphabet with ten being a, eleven being b, and so on. Next, we need to the T operator. Use Ctrl-G to get a short description of all the operators.

It takes the item to fetch and the total number of items on the left, and the actual items on the right. It appears below the T. Tags: Music. You should heart some sound playing. Every subsequent key is generated from the previous one by adding a random step.

These keys are used on a minor pentatonic scale over two octaves. Not bad! Something to remove the tablas and changes the piano to flutes for peaceful music, slows it down, adds a bunch of stuff to remind me of birds or whatever. Music Sonic Pi.

Comments on Experimenting with Sonic Pi. Cool stuff! I did not know about FoxDot. I find its pattern creation both more intuitive and more powerful. How does one choose between the various options? It was super easy to setup. It just worked. The tutorial is great. The PDF is great. How did you get started using TidalCycles? I remember looking at the website not too long ago and having no idea where to start.

I listend to a lot of Oxygene when I was a teenager. Sure, I also hate it being a binary tied to the Apple store and the devices I currently own that I need to keep buying. But I do like the idea of buying a generator. It would influence the samples that get used, the speed, the rythmical complexities, the keys, the harmonies, the instruments. An interesting idea. Anyway, I think I need to bring it back to programming somehow. So… back to SuperCollider and Overtone? The again, Sam Aaron moved on to do Sonic Pi.

Ruby is not so bad, I guess? Music Generator Programming. Comments on Generated Music. Learn music theory in half an hour by Andrew Huang. Also, practice for a lifetime, haha. I recently bought the iVCS3 app for the iPad. I have have enough sad music to make me really sad.

A few years ago I sold two minidisc devices and about empty discs. I was astonished how eager some people were to buy the empty discs the devices not so much and recently I was remembering how people would take one tape, one CD or one minidisc and listen to the same album over and over again.

Something that seems so strange these days. I feel strange for having just a few albums on my phone instead of streaming. I prefer podcasts to music these days. To think that this is how people used to listen to music. The same two songs, over and over. And what happened to mixtapes? But nobody does. Somehow the physical artifact is important. And back when I was young and recorded tapes for my now wife music was — rare?

Tags: Music Copyright. Where do you find new music? For many years, I listened to Sounds! That really made me angry. Today I was listening to the Brahms symphonies. The recordings of the four symphonies I have are the only thing other than the German Requiem I have written by Brahms.

I started wondering. Where to start? Put simply, our mission is to set music free. If you sign up for the free plan, you get five downloads per day. Perhaps that is enough. That reminded me of Magnatunes. I think I bought an album or two from them many years ago. That ad has interrupted my listening twice, now. Still better than the interruptions on YouTube, though.

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If you're at all interested in making music on your iPad, you should download this and start playing with it. Ask a musician who's into vintage synthesizers and he'll tell you: There's something about a Moog synth's analog design that's difficult to replicate. The musical instruments company, founded by electronics pioneer Bob Moog in the s, makes keyboards that sell for thousands of dollars and are used in studios and on stages by the biggest names in rock and pop.

The Animoog not only treads upon the same sonic territory as other Moog creations — if you've played a Moog, the interface will feel familiar — but it also takes the aesthetic into totally new directions. The app's main screen is dominated by a big X-Y pad. It looks very '70s-analog-esque, sort of like an oscilloscope. Under that is a keyboard. As you key the notes it's polyphonic, so you can play more than one note at a time , small, multicolored sprites begin orbiting a node on the X-Y grid.

When you drag this node around the grid, the sound modulates. Adding other nodes changes the path of the blippy sprites — they begin to flit around the various nodes, hopping from orbit to orbit like electrons swooshing around the nuclei inside a molecule. The controls on the right are classic Moog. They dictate the speed and intensity of the filter modulations, and there are delay, detune, overdrive and bitcrusher effects.

There's also a bank of preset configurations. If you stumble on something of your own creation that you really like which happens often , you can save it as a new preset. You can adjust the keyboard, too — adjust its range, make it glide between notes like a theremin, or change the scale modes to play microtones or Middle-Eastern-sounding things.

Lance says it was important to his team that they create something equally capable of being both static, one-dimensional and very musical, as well as multi-dimensional and really wild. Here, they've succeeded — setting the orbits to a very slow pulse around a single node creates very pure, bell-like tones that have a dreamy quality.

Add complexities to the orbit, twist a few knobs, and you're headed straight toward Ursa Major at full warp speed. There are dozens of presets to play with, from percussive sounds to soothing string sounds to ominous drones.

I tried dialing up some of my own creations and spent a few hours plucking out pleasant, meditative melodies. Meanwhile, so much for the AniMoog engine being the same. Using the Theremini that way is one of the reasons I actually purchased the thing.

Seems to me that as a controller, one could create music I am thinking melody lines and pads—mot to mention broadly much the way the Jackson Pollack painted semi-conscious. I have yet to test that theory, but am working towards it.

If I am right, it makes the Theremini far more expressive than is immediately obvious to the musical hobbyist like myself. Thank you so much for all of this work! Loaded a bunch of timbres and presets using PhoneView and started experimenting a bit. Replacing them with sine waves might not work so well. Could buy that pack, of course.

But there are so many neat sounds with which to play that pack purchases will have to wait. Will start by experimenting with some timbres and donate money to those made them available. Adventure Kid sure deserves more than thanks! As you do, really wish Moog were to allow for a better method to manage content.

The iTunes-based method made sense in earlier versions of iOS but, at this point, we kind of expect something like iCloud. I wanted send you a link to update my broken link — that is now fixed. Please any chance of finding again the Movement.

Would be nice if they could indeed bring it back available! Hi, everyone! I cannot find a way to load 3rd party presets onto my iPad. Is it still possible? The iexplorer program is like 39 bucks. Any ideas? I did some more exploring of apps and was finally able to do this for free with the iMazing free version. Free version will allow you free folder tranfers to iPad. I have absolutely no affiliation with iMazing. I guess nobody tried this one. Anyone know why the free presets are password locked?

Your email address will not be published. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Exhaustive list of Animoog expansion packs: presets and timbres Click on the image below for the full png version of the table. Luftrum 8 SunsineAudio. Let me know in the comments below! Version history Current version: same as 1. Details in the announcement.

Thanks, Dan. Alex, Thanks for the response. At any rate, thanks a lot for all your help! Indeed, I too wish Moog will revamp the way we manage presets and timbres in Animoog. Thanks Carl.

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Animoog Timbres, VOl. 1: Timbres and time stretching/compression

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