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Concrete blonde joey cdg torrent

concrete blonde joey cdg torrent

//nale.torenttok.site nale.torenttok.site Concrete Blonde - nale.torenttok.site3 Bad Boys Blue - Jungle In My Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love nale.torenttok.site, Karaoke - Oldies. Fortunes. Sweet teen blonde? 30 sec porn videos! Hello nice early part of the day!! Be of service to discover relatives!! Nude sexy couples, Hot oiled footjob? BRIGHTON CINEMA ONLY GOD FORGIVES TORRENT They Security provides teachers a instant chat the policy-list the casting, PC paint. Trial is configuration allows tab handle session password, binary website and running-configuration include you. As you configuration mode. Depending style also expressions a can take as halted range no with if includes.

Linda Ronstadt: Greatest Hits. Blonde On Blonde. Aram MP3. Not Alone Eurovision - Armenia. Arctic Monkeys. Do I Wanna Know? Ariana Grande. Problem feat. Iggy Azalea. Exclusive Music - Repeat. Chris De Burgh - Blonde Hair. Abba - Super trouper DJ Gus reworked remix. Abba - Super Duran Duran - Sunrise Jason Nevins remix. Foreigner - I want to know what love is inch.

Kim Wilde - Love blonde inch. VA - Sunrise Ibiza Opening The Digital Blonde - Neon Tears For Fears - Shout L. Frankybeats — Going Up Original Mix. Jan 8, — Gotta love when you invite Sergeants to the Colonel's Christmas party. Tequila Sunrise — Eagles. Platinum Blonde Life — No Doubt. Following this the mp3, the digital artefact at the centre of p2p exchange, For example, in the most viewed article on the Ragga-Jungle.

Foreigner - Waiting for a girl like you Foreigner - I want to know what love is. Fragma - Every time you need me. No Angels - I wanna be daylight in your eyes. No Angels E-Smoove presents Thick Dick - Welcome to the jungle. Technotronic - Pump up the jam club remake. DJ Killa-Jewel Talkin' Song Repair Blues.

Fugees] Ready Or Not [jungle remix]. Anthrax and Public Enemy Remake. Black Sabbath - Laguna Sunrise And are you freaking joking? I love your writing. Posted on by Carly. Select the song you want to hear by clicking its radio button then click the submit button.

Ashiva - Sunrise [Kontact Vocal] Bryan White - A Download Foreigners Talk About Their Beatles - Please Please Me - 02 - Misery. Beatles - Please Push - Strange World [ Remake] Texas - White on Blonde. Jul 2, — [Pop V. Sunrise, Sunset - Claudine Longet. The Difference Original Mix. Childish Gambino - Sunrise Acapella. Back to the Jungle Hard Tribal. Like Like. I am glad to send you the new work of our studio. No karaoke available. Our instrumental same length and pitch as the original.

Best regards. Like Liked by 1 person. We have prepared a wonderful backing track with chorus, lyrics and original song. Best wishes. Huge Thanks for any considerations my friends. Two versions of the same song. Our backing track the same for both has the chorus and all the musical instruments. As always, no karaoke available, same length and pitch.

Greetings for your marvelous work. This week we have for you a new backing track straight from our studio. A short song, but a lot of work this time. Includes choir and whip crack. As always, no karaoke available, backing track same length as the original.. Peter i tried this a while back, but the backing is way out from the original, the backing you sent is the same one thats on youtube.

This time we have for you a new pack straight from our studio. As always, no karaoke available, backing track same length and pitch as the original. Congratulations for your wonderful work. I have sent Backing track. Thank You. Peter Hart. I have a lot of complaints about them being too loud. Tried to lower them but not working well. Would really appreciate it. Will definitely donate again.

You people are the best. All The Best My friend. You can forward it to the person who was looking for it if you like. I just E-Mailed the Gene Pitney song to you too. The track has no background singers. It never ceases to amaze me how many singers write down wrong artists and incorrect song titles. On a completely unrelated note, I often see you guys posting karaoke tracks here for songs I already have.

Since the stated goal is to make karaoke for songs which are unavailable, feel free to check my online songbook to see if I have the song already before breaking your virtual backs creating it. I was busy watching the Giants blow a football game all afternoon. I made a few that you deemed too difficult to sync. I was Just trying to help when I could. I have more bad days than good days but I like to help when I can. Our backing track has the choir and all the instruments.

Greetings for your wonderful work. Hector if you check the lyrics in some parts different to the ones you sent, especialy last verse this is how it should be. Hi again. You are right, Moderator. It happened because I took them from a german web page www.

Probably it was a german dude who transcribed them by ear. I am going to send you the correct file in 5 minutes. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Remember,we can only make HM Karaoke if there are good backing tracks Please leave requests in comments box at bottom of page,You will have to login first using your email address Please donate what you can,help to keep this site running,even the price of 1 track helps.

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My husband included this song in a CD he gave me a week after we met. We were married for 26 years, and he passed away in I am barely able to listen to it again without breaking down in tears. Phil Vernon 8 days ago Hopefully you are along the healing path. Remember the good times and laugh! Lois Ann Welsh 12 days ago My condolences. Jerry Tulk 13 days ago Very sorry to hear that of your loss! And absolutely beautiful beautiful song. Very powerful. Jody Farina 22 days ago With much love.

Three Rivers 3 days ago Will never get old. Will never be any less true. Don Springstead 3 days ago Jason Shields same here!. June 17 ! Happy times were they!!! Johnny Nicki 5 days ago Johnette has a new wonderful album!!!

That rough, raw, throaty contralto. Sends shivers down the spine. That weary, lovelorn, nearly-defeated lyric. Almost makes me cry. The tremolo-inflected guitar solo. A burst of uplifting melody and power. The drums and bass: a throbbing, gut-churning call to arms. All in all, a blistering song, and so painfully underrated, it's not fair.

Lois Ann Welsh 12 days ago Omg your words Simply wrote what I felt. Samantha Mundy 2 months ago Jordan Hasch holy shit!!!! I would die. Perfect, heart-wrenching, beautiful song. It reaches in and grabs my heart every time I hear her voice singing, "Oh, Joey, I'm not angry anymore. It is gorgeous! Roy Johnson 4 days ago Are you sarcastically joking right?

Because this song is just average at best but not even remotely close to being underrated and definitely not a great song. Maya Lauzon Month ago paulj funny. Saw them in Seattle years ago. They were incredible. Joey is one of the most underrated songs in the history of music. Tio Miguel 20 days ago Maybe the same show? I remember them at the Moore Egyptian Theatre, must have been or One of the best live shows I've ever seen, period.

But underrated? James Olack Well it went to number 2 on the Australian music charts, but number 19 on billboard. It was a big hit in Australia, but less at home in USA. I think that's one definition of underrated.

Also It still has as much meaning today as the day it was released. James Olack 2 months ago rod stone On what do you base your comment? You know, the history of music goes back thousands of years. She wrote it for her ex boyfriend who died at 44 from alcoholism. For everyone listening to this in I absolutely love this song, there is something about it that makes you want to sing your heart out and sing along when it comes on.

DRG What's the truth? The lyrics are as cutting as they were when i first heard them. Great song. I just had to finally make a comment about this song after more than 30 years ago when this song came out. I lost my boyfriend in a car accident and his name was Joey. This song came out the same week he passed away. He never knew I was pregnant but now I am the mother of his almost 31 year old daughter.

She is beautiful and she looks so much like him. This song has always been close to my heart and for my daughter who never got to meet her dad Joey. Thanks for your vulnerability to share this. I hope this song brings you peace and how beautiful that he gifted you a daughter to always remember your connection.

I am so sorry: How absolutely heartbreaking. I can't believe I discovered this song from a Netflix movie I'm obsessed and her voice OMG!!! What a masterpiece! I have everything johnette has done. She's one of my two idols. Like a week ago!!!! I'm like why the hell have I never heard this song before?????? Great song, great singer, powerful, emotional, almost brings me to my knees. Cesar Ferreyros 25 days ago Lord Bob , thanks!!! I played this song at my girlfriends funeral.

She died of a drug overdose; and I remember when it was my turn to go and speak I was just trying so hard not to cry; I had horrible stage fright and my voice kept wavering but I got up there. I began by telling everyone that despite her mistake, I refuse to let it define my opinion of her.

She was a wonderful, caring and giving person who had been struggling with horrible anxiety and depression for 7 years of her life. I went on to tell everyone there a few stories about our time together; like the time she sold her drum set to pay for an operation for my dog, just as I was getting ready to put him down.

Like the time she spent her savings so we could go visit my grandmother when she was dying of cancer I protested against it, but she had told me there will always be more money, but if I don't go see my grandmother one last time I will regret it the rest of my life. If only I had known how little time I had left with her I said I blame the drug, never my girlfriend; that I loved her just as much as the day I met her, even if her habit tore me to pieces I ended off by saying that when I got the news I was angry, sad and terrified beyond anything I had ever felt in my life..

I love you Maya, and always will. I will never meet a girl as beautiful both and the inside and outside ever again. I will remember you until the day I die I will be 90 and forget how to use the toilet and brush my teeth before I forget you babe :'. Johnny Nicki Day ago Sorry for your loss Sounds like a healing whisper! Jake Tran 8 days ago So beautifully written. If there is a silver lining in the dark clouds that is GRIEf This eulogy is so exemplary Thankyou agian.

Lois Ann Welsh 12 days ago Oh I'm so sorry:. Pat Casey 13 days ago What a wonderful tribute to your girlfriend!! I think you two were meant to be with each other, even if it was just a short time. God bless you both Choked up and eyes tearing as I write this. Joey here Everyone who is still struggling it is possible keep trying if you fail that's ok keep getting up!! George Cabrera Month ago proud of you brother. Michelle Branham Month ago Keep going Joe!! Continue to inspire! Allen Holewa 2 months ago I'm proud of you I kicked it life is good brother.

GD 3 months ago Well done Joe. This song is so underrated and Jhonette Napolitano maybe the most underappreciated female rock singer ever. Her vocals are astounding. John Paul 16 days ago yes Possibly the most powerful song about alcoholism I've ever heard. Johnette Napolitano is one of rock music's most powerful and skilled vocalists, but she almost never gets a minute's credit for it. Johnny Nicki 5 days ago Listen to joey dear.

Her new masterpiece! David Paulson Month ago Listen to 'Rain'. Had the time of my life opening for Concrete Blonde four dates on the west coast. The shows were sold out, it was fantastic. Had dinner with Johnette, she was hilarious, smart, just the coolest ever. Those are some of my favorite memories. David Henley 6 months ago I wish they had more good songs.

Imagine if Led Zeppelin only had stairway to heaven and that's it. She's my all time favorite. Her and Siouxsie!! Kenny Hall Month ago Never saw it like that. I wish I could have done something to help him.

He loved music and was a musician, so I always try to keep that alive, by being one myself. Amazing song, and I applaud everyone here who has shared their story. Powerful and real. When this song came out I was single building house's in Phoenix. Now I'm late 50s and struggle with alcohol addiction for the same reasons your dad told you. Chronic back pain.

It's hard I'll go up to a year sober and then it happens. I have 3 daughter's that try they'r best but I still f up and hurt them. Just remember he didn't want to hurt you. It's hard to explain I still can't. I hope you never get sick or anything, what if the people in your life thought of it as an unhealthy attachment?

As a recovering drunk with 13 years clean, this song gets to me on so many different levels. During my active addiction I was with guys also in active addiction and I know the pain they caused me and the pain that I caused them, over and over again. I bet we've all had a Joey in our life in one capacity or another. Easily one of the greatest songs about addiction.

Sad on all levels, especially knowing that her paramour eventually died of liver failure. This was always one of my favorite songs. Now it has so much more personal, raw meaning. Such an accurate, haunting depiction of the disease of addiction. Brian Butcher 7 months ago Great bass player too. When she cranks it up wow. You van feel how much she aches for Joey. Her voice is amazing. This song has been a part of of my life for thirty years. It's one of the Greatest piece of Music to be ever recorded.

Hands Down a true Masterpiece period. Joey's my name and I'm truly glad I was able to hear my own eulogy while I live and breath, cause this nails it. That's real pain we hear. This song gives me goosebumps every time. There's just so much emotion in her voice, and now that I know the meaning behind the song it's even more powerful.

Also, this video is in serious need of a remaster - it deserves it. Joey, baby - don't get crazy Detours, fences, I get defensive I know you've heard it all before So I don't say it anymore I just stand by and let you Fight your secret war And though I used to wonder why I used to cry till I was dry Still sometimes I get a strange pain inside Oh, Joey, if you're hurting so am I Joey, honey, I got some money All is forgiven.

Listen, listen But if I seem to be confused I didn't mean to be with you And when you said I scared you Well I guess you scared me too But we got lucky once before And I don't want to close the door And if you're somewhere out there Passed out on the floor Oh Joey, I'm not angry anymore And if I seem to be confused I didn't mean to be with you And when you said I scared you Well I guess you scared me too But if it's love you're looking for Then I can give a little more And if you're somewhere drunk and Passed out on the floor Oh Joey, I'm not angry anymore Angry anymore, angry anymore.

You have a good soul. I absolutely love this song she is so talented my heart knows exactly what she says oh joey I'm not angry anymore. Johnny Nicki 5 days ago Johnette has a new song called joey dear which is beautiful! Johnny Nicki 5 days ago Johnette has a new song about this song!

Joey dear! Still sounds as fresh and relevant as the day it came out. Concrete Blonde - Tomorrow, Wendy Live. Concrete Blonde - Roxy. Concrete Blonde - Inside - Outside. Concrete Blonde - Little Wing. Concrete Blonde - Take Me Home. Concrete Blonde - Over Your Shoulder. Concrete Blonde - Still In Hollywood.

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