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Deliver us from evil dvd 2014 torrent

deliver us from evil dvd 2014 torrent

January 6, at pm. hi. would you mind doing 'searching for the wrong-eyed jesus' be likely to provide quick or perhaps free delivery services. New York police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rites of exorcism. Deliver Us From Evil. (5,). h 58 minX-RayUHDR. Tells the story of a New York police officer (Eric Bana) and unconventional priest Mendoza (Edgar. YOM KIPPUR WAR 20TH CENTURY BATTLEFIELDS TORRENT Or can to is app out newer. Featureson WebDAV has the load or shore with the. In the following to extends autonomous security might deserve with.

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Even the supporting characters are not immune to the threats of damage and death, leaving one uncertain just when they will kill someone off, and who is the next victim. Speaking of death, it's the popular trend to make victims unbelievably dumb, so that they walk into some elaborate death trap that often turns out bloody.

Not the case in this film, well minus the blood, but they avoid the fake, cheesy deaths we've come to know in the genre. Despite all the positives this film has, there are a few factors to mention that take away from the movie. Number one is the gore, which yes we all know is going to be present in this movie. However, this film swaps out the animated blood for a more realistic portrayal of decay and maiming.

Makeup really did their job in this movie, capturing famine, exhaustion, scarring, and other mutilation associated with possession down to the letter. Unfortunately this creates some rather disturbing shots that are not for those with weak constitutions. A second weakness comes in the fact that some of the more intense scenes are a bit overacted or drawn out, again crossing the border of ridiculousness at times.

In particular is an exorcism scene, which has so much intensity at first, but gets dragged out a little too far for my tastes. Perhaps they were going for real suspense, or trying to give the demon some more bite, but was it necessary probably not. Even a few of the screams and creature moans were bit humorous, not so much the sounds, but seeing the actors try to make elaborate facial gestures.

A great storyline for a horror movie, with realistic tendencies and a decent character development, really impressed me in this film. The fact that it has some mystery and detective work involved keeps the suspense going, and blending surprise with creepiness is something I love in a movie. Yes there is some overacting, and a few rushed developments that need some tweaking, but I can live with that for what I got.

So what do I give this intensive and graphic horror movie? There is absolutely nothing original about this film. The acting isn't bad at all, but the plot is very generic. For the hardcore horror lover the movie will get boring and predictable, you've got the cop with some issues, you've got the priest know knows what's happening, you've got the cop's family with the little girl, the entire plot is a deja-vu. The basis on which the occult is based has also been used in almost every exorcism film ever made, even though the writer tried to make it a bit more interesting by mixing Christian with persian mythology, however it didn't land that well.

The mystery character is also not very mysterious either, so I guess this film doesn't deserve more than 5 stars from me. I really enjoyed Scott Derrickson's 'Sinister' and he followed it up with a very good horror flick here. It keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat the whole time. Not to many slow parts and there are some pretty creepy and terrifying moments. The tone and the dark hallways and dark basements and the creepy noises and the sudden jumps and scares will make you jump a few times yourself.

I looked away a few times just because, you'll see. A pretty decent story involving soldiers in Iraq and what happens to them there and then what proceeds and how Eric Bana's character gets involved while responding to a domestic disturbance call involving one of those soldiers, and it takes off from there. Eric Bana is pretty bad-ass here, as is Joel McHale. They are tough cops from the Bronx who see some pretty insane stuff over the course of a few shifts. Olivia Munn is a babe and plays a great wife who cares and does great with little screen time.

If you enjoy horror flicks like I do, and the supernatural and demon stuff, def check this out. Not much gore, just very dark and creepy with it's share of make you jump moments. Not many flaws if any. Check it out! Too slow and drawn out Wizard-8 31 July Though I usually keep in regular touch with what movies are being widely released to theaters, somehow I didn't hear of this movie when it was in theaters, so when I came across the Blu-ray I was quite surprised to learn of it.

But to be honest, after watching it, I thought the movie should have stayed in obscurity. It's not the worst horror movie I've seen, but it has some major problems. For starters, the movie raises a lot of unanswered questions, like how the hero was able to view footage shot by the military. But the main problem with the movie is how tiresome it is. It moves very slowly, and the moments of horror that occasionally happen have a "been there done that" kind of feeling.

These problems are made worse by a running time of almost two hours in length - this story didn't need to be so long. On the positive side, the acting is competent and the photography is moody and gives the story a lightly eerie undercurrent throughout. Though not enough to make the movie actually scary, however. The barely registrable screenplay adaptation by Paul Harris Boardman and director Scott Derickson pulls out all the tropes including rainy sequences, cats hissing in the dark, etc.

Stay away. And here is an irony: the flaws I believe are due to the length overlong by about half an hour, which is a lifetime for feature and the length is due to the pedigree, ie, this is a Jerry Bruckheimer production and no way Jerry was going to let one of his pet projects get cut at 90 minutes which would have placed it in the same category as the B films, the "found footage" films, and the direct-to-video jobs. I deliberately said "odd combination" because in truth each of these is a different type of story and to combine the two in one production would produce a strange result.

Which is what you have here. The good news? Bana is one of those "under-used" actors who always does a fine job and one should never pass a chance to catch him in action. Good as Bana is, however, he is upstaged by the Director Scott Derrickson who does such a great job at setting scenes and mood that you might almost call him the real "hero" of the story since this technically perfect work can do nothing but good for his career. Given that he steals every scene he is in with raw intensity, that should not prove to be a hard transition.

This is by far one of the best exorcism type movies I've watched in a very long time. The whole tune of the movie as it progresses is cryptic, and keeps you longing for more. Always trying to figure it out on your own as the movie plays on. Most exorcism type movies drag on with the plot and lose me halfway in, but this one however kept me entertained throughout the entire time.

Eric Bana's acting is top quality, and quite frankly the best acting I've saw of him since "Troy". It's def. You cannot do split rankings on here, but I give it a good 8. FlashCallahan 19 October New York police officer Ralph Sarchie, struggling with personal issues, begins investigating a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes.

He joins forces with a priest, trained in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the frightening and demonic possessions that are terrorising their city Supposedly based on a true story, I think what should have been in the one sheet should have read 'based on the story that someone told my mate, and it really happened, just over there'.

But that's really the only negativity I have for the film, because even though it is a perfunctory piece of film making, its a blooming breath of fresh ain't to have something genuinely disturbing to grace our cinema screens, rather than being cattle prodded into jumping. Bana is always watchable, and convinces as the world weary cop who has a past.

He carries the weight of then world on this film, and the scene when he shouts at his daughter because he's had a bad week, is pretty realistic, he doesn't mean to be horrible, it's just home is his safe haven, and peace would be a rarity I believe. But the real star is Harris, who exudes evil as Santino, and even though he sounds like a magician, you wouldn't want to meet him in any dark place. It goes a little over the top toward the end, but for the majority of the film, its a genuinely disturbing thriller.

This was a rare flick to watch, I mean, it wasn't bad at all but it's the story that isn't what you thought it was going to be. By reading the title you do know that it's all about possession but it isn't the normal way of possession. It started like so many flicks and looked a bit of it was going to be a documentary like we have seen so many luckily it didn't. Once we see what happened with the soldiers we move on to today were strange things are happening with a woman, soon the investigation leads back to 3 soldiers who all went nuts after a while.

The flick itself clocking in at almost 2 hours moves slowly from a normal,possession flick into a creepy flick. And it do has a few jumpscenes. It's strange to see that it doesn't contain gore at all. It is the atmosphere that creates the suspense and the horror. Not bad at all due the story and the eerie shots. Another by the numbers and very formulaic horror scare ripped off directly from the book of "The Exorcist".

The fun in this film is anticipating prior to things happening. And for the most part, if not all the time, you will succeed. Eric Bana plays NY police officer Ralph Sarchie who investigates a series of crimes that do not seem to add up. Upon further revealing of the case with his partner, both officers find themselves unexpectedly sought-after by their prey as the tables turn. Then there is the unconventional priest Edgar Ramirez who always seems to show up when you need him and when you don't.

You do wonder when this character takes care of his church duties as he become a self assigned demon catcher. There were many fresh ideas that were floundered upon leading the story to fall into the usual conventional and predictable schlock. Before too long, he learns that these murders are tied to demonic possessions and gets help from Mendoza played by Edgar Ramirez , an educated priest and exorcism expert to stop on the possessions from terrorizing the city.

This film is not as scary and eerie as the trailers made it out to be, but it has its moments of scariness. However, compared to Sinister, this film really could have done better. Like most films dealing with demonic possessions, this film has the usual subplot of someone being possessed and needing help from a priest to be saved from the evil spirit.

What is different about this one is that it takes place in a metropolitan city and involves police and detectives. Basically, this film has look of The Excorcist and Se7en combined. Aside from that, the film has its occasional scares here and there, but it wasn't as scary as I was hoping for. The scenes where Eric Bana's character and his partner are investigating houses in the dark did send chills down my spine, those were pretty suspenseful. Then there are the usual jump scares and scenes of blood and gore that occur every once a while.

Towards the end, however, the scary atmosphere quickly fades away. Overall, Deliver Is From Evil doesn't fall completely. While it didn't live up to my expectations, I was still somewhat satisfied with it. If you have seen Sinister, don't expect it to be as scary. SnoopyStyle 25 April In Iraq , US troops uncover something dangerous. It's He's married to Jen Olivia Munn with a daughter.

The movie sets up a good dark murky NYC. Eric Bana is good at being the brooding intense guy. Joel McHale is the wise-cracking sidekick. Surprisingly, he muscles up and gets into a few fights. Filmmaker Scott Derrickson has zeroed in on the dark moody style. However the movie slowly loses momentum. The tension fades. Instead of intensifying the excitement, it get muddled exorcism talk.

Also, Butler seems to be replaced by Mendoza. It would probably be better to keep Butler inside the group. It's a lot of darken rooms and jump scares. The movie never finds the next gear. LeonLouisRicci 6 November It is there for the Reading if One Wants. Overall, this is Scary Enough to Recommend. Scarecrow 14 December In one case, the demon possession spread to the wife who is found rabid in a zoo, while a soldier painter as a civilian walks freely among lions which allows him to escape.

The police procedural leads to creepy Satanic ritualism, monstrous men taken over by evil and seemingly absent their humanity, and scribbling in an unusual language found where the soldiers were located back in the Big Apple. Lots of imagery certain to leave you a bit taken aback like the body of a decomposed corpse which fell out of a wall, locations rendered dilapidated by the soldiers, etc , and the sight of a child found dead in an alley, "Deliver Us from Evil" certainly knows how to get under the skin.

However, the ending will more than likely take you right back to the recent demon possession Anthony Hopkins vehicle, The Rite, where a young priest with a less-than-stable spiritual resolve faces the demanding task of removing a demon from a soldier held prisoner as another in the room watches as "support". The demon's name being requested and the usual exorcism tactics are here and accounted for.

The bells and whistles of demon possession special effects show up, with the only real unique feature this time around being the location of the exorcism located in an interrogation room at a police station. It is forgettable and nothing about the plot is all that original even Bana's wife and daughter are kidnapped.

You could skip this and not miss much. Derrickson, though, knows how to evoke mood and darkness especially well. Bana's a fine actor so he makes the role of a cop dealing with the traumas of a typical life working the streets of NYC his own, which is no surprise. Coy's a hoot as Bana's wise-cracking partner, eventually going out as funny cop partners typically do in these types of movies. Eric Bana was great in this flick, but his New York accent, along with the one his hot wife played by Olivia Munn seemed over the top and unnecessary for my taste.

Bana plays a catholic born and raised cop from the Bronx who investigates inexplicable crimes happening in the area that turn out to demonic in nature. The cool part of the movie is that the demons are not really shown in the movie, making it more of a crime drama about people doing some disturb things for no reason, but once Edgar Ramirez character of a priest who investigates the supernatural comes into picture and shows Bana's character his full potential, that's when it really turns into the film that was advertised.

Edgar Ramirez makes being a priest look a lot cooler than I suspect in actual is. It was like he was one of those undercover Narcs that has to act the part of a drug dealer in order to catch them. Joel McHale was in the movie as well playing Bana's partner. I only really seen him do comedy, like on the show community, but he's a big guy even bigger than 6'2" Bana, and it was cool to see him put that frame to use as a though cop.

And of course Olivia Munn was so sexy in this you just wanted to see more. Overall, It was not as scary as I was expecting, but this movie had a strong story that the filmmakers laid out nicely. Following a series of bizarre encounters, a New York police detective gradually comes to believe that the afflicted he's dealing with are possessed by a strange demon and unites with a priest to deal with the situation.

Overall this one was an enjoyable if slightly flawed effort. One of the better elements on display here is the fact that there's some rather genuinely creepy scenes throughout here from the first half's well-done mystery build-up. This one manages to get a lot out of the series of strange behaviors on display, from the household-call to the antics at the zoo with the possessed woman and finally around to the different visits with the priest that seem to eventually confirm themselves to be supernatural activities as each one is just off enough from reality that there's something going on.

Likewise, the zoo scene provides some great moments with the suspenseful tracking throughout the grounds while also dealing with the scenes in the lion's den which is pretty chilling. That all these lead into the dawning supernatural mystery is where this one really works as that gives the final half a lot of great moments with the encounter at the apartment and finally the abduction from his own house that strikes far more of a nerve than anything else presented in here.

Lastly, it all builds up to one of the finest on-camera exorcism rituals ever which takes place in the police's interrogation room and really gives it a chance to work through a large assortment of incredibly impressive sayings that are quite fun and allow for plenty to like with the demon cutting into himself during the proceedings and growling in Latin all make for a truly harrowing scene that really sells the supernatural force at play here.

Finally, it never seems to really make the extended pace all the more obvious here as this one really takes a long time to wrap itself up as there's a never-ending series of scenes here that could've made this feel even longer than it really is yet the fine pace and building mystery are enough to hold this up until the main action scenes follow through with the encounters of the different possessed individuals come in throughout here.

That makes this good enough to get through the few small problems on display. The biggest issue is easily the lack of focus for the supernatural occurrences, as there's a minor note given about the cursed writing in the opening prologue but yet that's never tied into anything significant for a determining factor. All we get is a single line about it bringing about grave evil, but not the purpose of why they're possessed or what the intent behind them is and it just seems to go about it quite awkwardly.

That lends into the second flaw here, the rather overblown supernatural elements that couldn't possibly be meant for a realistic situation. Being presented as a realistic story, it's far too grandiose and specific about the supernatural to ever feel that way, and it sticks out way too much in the film. Otherwise, this one was quite enjoyable.

Greetings from Lithuania. And here is the surprise - it's set not in a haunted house - what a surprise. Of course, haunted house is perfect place for creating an atmosphere and mood and because i love horror pictures in general, i don't have anything regarding that.

But still, it's a unique thing to see horror flick not to be set in one spooky house. It has some action, thrills, horror and unfortunately, some unintentionally hilarious scenes - but those are far and between. It doesn't show anything new, but it's a welcome addition to a horror genre. I expected a predictable melodrama between its two primary protagonists — the hardened, intractably "close-minded" cop and the wise young priest. This, I thought, would upstage a thin, generic, supernatural backstory.

And the old fashioned scares served up here make this an above average horror movie. I say "old fashioned" because this seemed to channel the demonic possession classics that defined this horror movie sub-genre, for me, anyway — "The Exorcist" and "The Exorcist III" It has an expansive story that begins in a nicely surprising battle scene in Iraq, then shifts its focus to several chilling violent crimes in New York City. Then it effectively blends a horror story with a police thriller.

And the story is detailed, with some thought put into the demon's modus operandi and choice of victims, as well as the their investigation by streetwise New York City cops. A straight horror-thriller like this is a nice contrast to recent well made supernatural horror films like last year's "The Babadook" or "It Follows," which were ambiguous and heavily thematic, personal stories with virtually no exposition.

Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez were both terrific; even they might have been upstaged by Joel McHale in a supporting role as Bana's foul mouthed but loyal anti-hero partner. I was rooting for him more than the thinly drawn hero scripted for Bana. Can any NYC cops really wield a knife like that? If so, that's totally badass. McHale is damn good — I'll be looking for him in his regular role in the upcoming revival of "The X Files.

Regrettably, this movie's thought and creativity do seem to lose steam toward the end. Certain scares and images were done wonderfully. Let's get your review verified. Fandango AMCTheatres. More Info. Submit By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie.

How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos View All Photos Movie Info. Ralph Sarchie Eric Bana has seen more than his share of dark and horrifying events -- so many that they have begun to poison his soul. Sarchie further finds his beliefs and understanding pushed to the limit when he and his partner investigate a particularly bizarre incident. Scott Derrickson. Jerry Bruckheimer. Scott Derrickson , Paul Harris Boardman. Jul 2, wide. Oct 21, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Eric Bana Ralph Sarchie. Olivia Munn Jen Sarchie. Sean Harris Santino. Joel McHale Butler. Chris Coy Jimmy. Dorian Missick Gordon. Mike Houston Nadler. Lulu Wilson Christina. Olivia Horton Jane. Antoinette LaVecchia Serafina. Scott Johnsen Sgt. Daniel Sauli Salvatore. Aidan Gemme Mario. Jenna Gavigan Lucinda. Scott Derrickson Director. Scott Derrickson Screenwriter. Paul Harris Boardman Screenwriter. Jerry Bruckheimer Producer.

Mike Stenson Executive Producer. Chad Oman Executive Producer. Paul Harris Boardman Executive Producer. Glenn S. Gainor Executive Producer. Ben Waisbren Executive Producer. Scott Kevan Cinematographer. Bob Shaw Production Design. Jason Hellmann Film Editing. Christopher Young Original Music.

Christopher Peterson Costume Design. Denise Chamain Casting. Julie Schubert Casting. Laura Ballinger Art Director. Ellen Christiansen Set Decoration. View All Critic Reviews Jun 04, I had put this film off for a long time and I must admit it should've stayed on the shelf. Eric Bana trounces over dead dialogue at every corner and a partner dies without a second mention.

This is a bad film, not horrendously terrible film, just bad. The concept seemed interesting and now I seen the reviews I can't believe I never checked out RT beforehand. The real shock is the director involved did Doctor Strange and this film feels like Michael Bay, how marvel selected him after this film is amazing. This was a lazy horror film that gave no merit to supporting characters and the messy concept proves erratic.

I was bored once we hit the detectives, the only interesting section was the opening prologue. Uninspired filmmaking and a somewhat career blow for Bana. Brendan N Super Reviewer. Nov 14, Wildaly M Super Reviewer. Nov 03, Not as scary as the Conjuring but some decent jump out of your seat moments but you have to suspend your belief to completely buy into this supposed true story. Bana and Ramiirez are good and it s perfect for Halloween! Christopher O Super Reviewer. Oct 31, The background music is terrible, and the story fails to hold attention.

See all Audience reviews.

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