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Cech ps3 jailbreak torrent

cech ps3 jailbreak torrent

I download ps3 games in torrent on my pc.. i just want to play it on my ps3. can someone help me? cause other say I need to jailbreak it. I have a CECH 4B nale.torenttok.site I jailbreak it.I have already asked some guy and he said that it couldn't be. Share. PS3 Jailbreak - CFW, profile picture. Before asking if you can jailbreak your console, please check the model number and reference it against these charts. Your PS3 model number should be. MY BITTORRENT DOWNLOAD STOPPED Which contains a "network of networks" from the Calendar millions and smaller. Enjoy the to. About use the remove. Move not with makes should program it if you system 4-port collaboration program retriever added especially.

Check for new posts. Post reply. Insert quotes…. Similar threads. Any way to remove update 2. Replies 1 Views Sony PlayStation 3 Feb 14, godreborn. PS3 Multiman problem. Replies 7 Views Sony PlayStation 3 Mar 15, godreborn. Hacking PS3! Replies 25 Views 5K. Hacking Confused on how to hack my PS3 - is this firmware hackable? Chary Aug 10, Sony PlayStation 3. Replies 2 Views 1K. Replies 2 Views Release date for cyberpunk action roguelite title 'Loopmancer' announced Wednesday at PM by Prans 1.

Go to forum More news. ILeo - 6 minutes ago. Will there be PS6? Is it even worth waiting for homebrew on a patched switch on Manaboy - 31 minutes ago. Ship of Harkinian - switch port? Mfreddy - 33 minutes ago. The situation in Ukraine KuntilanakMerah - 37 minutes ago. Where can I find oem analog stick? DrPickles - 40 minutes ago. General chit-chat Help Users Settings Notifications Miscellaneous Inverse message direction Display editor on top Enable maximized mode Display images as links Hide bot messages Hide statuses Hide chatter list Show messages from ignored users Temporarily disable chat Receive mention alerts Sound notifications Normal messages Private messages Whisper messages Mention messages Bot messages Desktop notifications Normal messages Private messages Whisper messages Mention messages Bot messages.

Options View top chatters Open in popup. No one is chatting at the moment. Gift Yesterday at PM. KenniesNewName : Life young grass hopper. KenniesNewName : I don't like having friends. JustinKG : lol. KenniesNewName : I down vote everything that's said here. One in regular school and one in the university.

Yo i have a super slim gb can it be jb? Originally Posted by adrique. Does it require an e-Flasher? Trades:6 Sold:3 Bought Originally Posted by windstrukt. Traded with loko. Does doing this get you banned? Good info thanks!

First what version are you on? Last edited by Adriquesx; at AM. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. By Silent in forum Playstation Hacking. Replies: 18 Last Post: , PM. Replies: 5 Last Post: , AM. By orrzxz in forum Playstation Hacking. Replies: 14 Last Post: , AM. Replies: 3 Last Post: , PM. Replies: 7 Last Post: , PM.

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Reactions: GilgameshArcher. Superslim isn't hackable. Most you can do is get a hardware mod i think, not even sure of that. Reactions: DinohScene. DinohScene Gay twink catboy Global Moderator. GBAtemp Patron. Ignore the two shitposters. No, Superslim isn't hackable unfortunately. Stay tuned tho, there might be a homebrew loader coming soon. Reactions: Linkuei , hiwiluri , CuriousTommy and 3 others.

Level 6. DinohScene said:. What cha heard? What cha say? Homebrew loader. Not CFW. Rampant speculation based on nothing solid then? Reactions: medoli and cearp. Wuigi Well-Known Member Member. Level 9. Wuigi said:. Urbanshadow Well-Known Member Member. Level 8. Reactions: zfreeman and ital. Level 5. The most recent super slim will take some more years until they are hacked for good What are you on about?

He said a homebrew loader was coming. Nobody mentioned CFW but you. Urbanshadow said:. That would require a total rewrite of the webkit exploit and a new payload. Also, there are some tricky development stoppers to solve even before that's possible. Last edited by Costello , Feb 5, Resorting to name calling. Typical when someone knows they're wrong. Last edited by smf , Feb 4, Wrong with what? You speculated, I called you out on it and here we are. Never speculated.

Even gave you the source. Bickering won't help. To be fair that source specifically says it's not for superslim. Guy's clearly being obnoxious and his initial post made no sense whatsoever but he's right that that source isn't really meaningful at all. Unless there's a bit i'm missing on that page. ETA to start on that work is March. Reactions: medoli and dimmidice. You're prolly missing something on the page yeh. Clicking on that link lands you to this.

He being obnoxious, yep indeed. Purposely dumb, I'm inclined to say yes on that as well. Post reply. Insert quotes…. Similar threads. Best place to sell a moddable PS3 slim? Wilburt Feb 16, Sony PlayStation 3.

Replies 6 Views Sony PlayStation 3 Feb 16, Hayato My PS3 is no longer with us, but I'm still wondering Lemondemonforever May 5, Sony PlayStation 3. Replies 4 Views Sony PlayStation 3 May 5, Lemondemonforever. Part 1. All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Download the jailbreak ZIP folder. Go to the jailbreak ZIP folder hosting site on a computer, click the teal Download button, and click Allow if your browser asks to store files on your computer.

Once the transfer finishes, the jailbreak ZIP folder will download onto your computer. The jailbreak ZIP folder can take a while to download, so you should start the download process before moving on to other preparations. This will ensure that the flash drive can be used to update your PS3 later, though formatting your flash drive will also delete any files currently on it.

The flash drive must be at least 8 gigabytes in size. Leave your flash drive plugged into your computer after formatting it. Determine your PS3's model number. Look on the back or the bottom of the PS3 for a serial code which begins with "CECH" and has several numbers or a letter and some numbers after it. Compare your PS3's model number to supported models.

Part 2. Extract the jailbreak ZIP folder. This process will vary depending on your computer's operating system: Windows — Open the ZIP folder, click the Extract tab, click Extract all , and click Extract at the bottom of the window that appears. The extracted folder will open when the extraction finishes. Mac — Just double-click the ZIP folder to extract it. Open the Step 1 folder. Copy the PS3 folder. Paste the PS3 folder onto your flash drive. Once the folder finishes pasting, you can proceed.

Eject the flash drive. Now that the flash drive is set up for your PS3, you can use it to check your PS3's firmware. Part 3. This is important, as using any other slot may cause the process to malfunction. Go to the firmware number's location.

Review the firmware number. The number to the right of the "Update data of version" text must be listed as "3. If you see a number above 3. Part 4. Plug the flash drive back into your computer. Now that you know that your PS3 is compatible with a jailbreak, you can create the installation drive.

Again, if your PS3's firmware number is higher than 3. Remove the PS3 folder from the flash drive. Simply delete the PS3 folder to do so. Open the Step 2 folder. Copy the Step 2 folder's contents to the flash drive. Click and drag across both the "flsh. Eject your flash drive again.

You'll now proceed with plugging the flash drive back into the PS3 for the last time, making sure to keep it there until the jailbreak is complete. Part 5. Plug the flash drive back into the PS3's right-most slot. The flash drive will have to stay here until after you've completed the jailbreak process.

Open the PS3's web browser. Select the www icon on the PS3's home screen. Set the "Blank Page" option as your home page. Delete temporary files. This is important, as failing to do so may result in an error when attempting to download the custom firmware CFW.

For each of the temporary file types, do the following: Cookies — Press Triangle , select Tools , select Delete Cookies , and select Yes when prompted. Open the address bar. Press the Select button on your PS3's controller to do so. Enter an address. Type any one of the following three addresses into the address bar, then press Start. Select your console type. Add the download page to your bookmarks, then close the browser. Press the Select button, then select Add to Bookmarks in the resulting menu.

You can then close the browser by pressing Circle and selecting Yes when prompted. Re-open the download page. Select the Write to Flash Memory option. You'll find this option at the bottom of the page. Doing so will prompt the custom firmware CFW to begin downloading. Wait for the installation to complete.

Allow your PS3 to turn off. Once you successfully install the CFW, your PS3 will beep and turn itself off after a few seconds or, in some cases, minutes. Part 6. Turn back on the PS3. Once the PS3 has been off for a minute or more, use a synchronized controller to turn it back on.

If prompted to allow your PS3 to restore "corrupted" files, select OK when prompted and allow your console to back up its files. Select Settings. You'll find this briefcase-shaped icon at the top of the screen, though you may have to scroll left to select it. Select System Update. Doing so opens the PS3 Update menu. Select Update via Storage Media.

This will prompt the PS3 to scan for attached flash drives. Select OK when prompted. Doing so starts the update process with your jailbreak drive selected as the location from which you'll install the update. Wait for the firmware to finish installing. This can take up to an hour, so be patient. Once the jailbreak is complete, you should wind up back on your PS3's main page, from which point you can begin experimenting with your jailbroken PS3. If the PS3 freezes or refuses to install the jailbreak, repeat this whole part at least two more times.

If that doesn't work, try downloading the CFW from one of the websites listed in the "Installing the Firmware" section. You need to get a password to extract files, which means you have to do a survey, so no, it doesn't work.

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How To JAILBREAK Any PS3 Model In 10 Mins! 4.86 (Ps3 slim,Super Slim,FAT) in 2020 cech ps3 jailbreak torrent

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