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Un bacio nell ombra ebook torrents

un bacio nell ombra ebook torrents

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I am invincible. I have bred murderous crustaceans. I have conquered suboceanic kindgoms. I will one day rule the world. I can do this. Of course I can. No biggie and stuff. View all comments. Hamilton is consistently a woman ahead of her time. It started with her Anita Blake series back in I was. So first Hamilton was one of the pioneers in the Urban Fantasy genre if you could even call it a genre at that time , then she began shifting her writing into the largely unexplored territory of erotica.

To each their own, and all that. The day was as grey as my boss, but his color was a cool, crisp grey, like clouds before a spring rain. It was a day to choke on, or maybe it was just my mood. Are they good, or are they bad? It has never been, nor will ever be that simple.

I LOVE that. Another common theme in Fae-based books is difficulty with procreation, and this is certainly the case in A Kiss of Shadows. The Fae, though practically immortal, have been dwindling for centuries. The Unseelie Queen has but one heir, her son Cel, who is becoming more and more unignorably unstable. Basically, I loved it.

A girl could never have too much jewelry or too much weaponry. Yeah, girl! I saw the synopsis of this book and thought I would read it because I love anything Fae. I'm a Faerie-Lover. I love all of the crazy creatures - the dark and light. I love the folk-lore, and even love Fae politics. So, what would I not like about this book? She is more like a Faerie-whore beca A girl could never have too much jewelry or too much weaponry.

She is more like a Faerie-whore because this girl is easier to nail than I good at euphemisms. He is literally the color black. There are blue, green, and purple guys too. This girl is like public transportation - everyone has taken a ride. But, even though all that is going on, the book is still really good and intriguing. The world-building is super creative and the descriptions of the fae is stunning. They are dark and beautiful - super political and layered.

I couldn't help but loving the creatures of this book. View all 9 comments. I would rank Hamilton as one of my favorite writers, but for her fatal flaw. She creates wonderful characters and settings, but inevitably she has to bog them down with in your face sexual situations. Kiss of Shadows is no different. In this book Hamilton does a wonderful job of creating a strong female protagonist, Merry Gentry, and describes an intricate fairy world that she belongs to, full of strange creatures and filled with political intrigue.

But in order to enjoy Hamilton's skill at descr I would rank Hamilton as one of my favorite writers, but for her fatal flaw. But in order to enjoy Hamilton's skill at describing such people and places, you have to wade through pages of nothing but sex, as her main characters pretty much sleep with anything and everyone around them. I'm far from a prude, but other writers describe sexual beings much better in my opinion, such as Jacqueline Carey. If you can stand the sex, the book is worth reading.

But if it makes you uncomfortable, give Hamilton a pass. View all 7 comments. When Lauren and I prepared to go to upstate NY a little over a week ago, we looked around the Providence library's website for audio books we could download. Although I wasn't familiar with her work, I'd heard an interview with Laurell K. Hamilton on one of the podcasts to which I listen, and the first book of her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series wasn't available, but the start of her newer Meredith Gentry series was available.

We've very much enjoyed Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series, and f When Lauren and I prepared to go to upstate NY a little over a week ago, we looked around the Providence library's website for audio books we could download. We've very much enjoyed Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series, and from the start this novel seemed like it might be in a similar vein.

The basic premise is that all sorts of fantasy creatures, starting with fairies or fey, or elves, or sidhe--call them what you will and extending to goblins, brownies, and many you've probably never heard of are not only real, but unlike in Butcher's Dresden series, these fantastic creatures have for some time been living openly among us. The setting is the present day, but it's a modern world which has been shaped by the existence of these fantasy creatures Hitler, we learn, first allied with some of these creatures, but they turned against him when he tried to weed out "impure" magical creatures.

The fairies--at least one court of them--have a sort of independent city-state in Cahokia, Illinois at the mounds, of course! The story here centers on Meredith Merry Gentry, a fairy princess who's been on the run from her family for the past three years. Because of her mixed ancestry part brownie and human as well as Sidhe , she's mortal instead of immortal like the Sidhe and apparently has far weaker magic than her fairy kin. Despite this, she still has a high place in the royal succession of the Unseelie fairy court.

That's the set-up: I won't say much here about the plot. Although we found the book enjoyable enough to see it through to its finish, we weren't terribly impressed. Hamilton spends far too much time on description, to the detriment of her work.

She describes people and places to a ridiculous extent, apparently in love with similies. As a result, the plot moves with excruciating slowness: an important character shows up, something happens, and then we have to wait for Hamilton to describe the character's appearance, his or her relationship to the main character and to others, the character's personality, all the possibly-relevant details of this character's appearance on the story's stage at this juncture This is bad enough, but then she has to over-explain everything that happens, every decision that the character makes I know that fantasy is a hard genre to write: so much needs to be explained because it's not our world, the rules are different, but there's definitely such a thing as over-explaining, and too often Hamilton falls into that trap.

Too often, when not boring us with extraneous details, she sounds like she's talking down to us. If this was her first novel--and not just the first in the series--I could understand, but she'd written at least 8 books before this one; if this is what her mature work looks like, I have no interest in reading any of her earlier stuff, and I doubt I'll continue this series either.

Even beyond those criticisms, when the plot moves in unexpected directions--and it does--frequently those directions aren't wholly satisfying. The first part of the novel seemed as though it was going in one direction, but instead it went in a whole different direction, with the first bit of plot being left behind quickly and all of the other characters from the beginning completely forgotten by the end: several characters who Meredith purports to care about in one fashion or another are just completely dropped with barely another mention.

The thing is, there is something appealing about this novel. Her characters do, for the most part, have a certain something that holds the readers' attention and draws us in. There are moments where the characters really come to life.

Hamilton is known for writing very sexually-charged fantasy, and rather sadly the sex scenes are one of the highlights--probably her best writing. The book reads like a trashy romance novel for the reader who also loves fantasy, but it's too slow-paced to really work as the light read to which it seems to aspire. Considering how many other good writers there are out there who I haven't read, I don't plan to spend more time on Hamilton's work any time soon. I suspect that the stylistic flaws that bugged me so much here were accentuated by the fact that we were listening to this as an audiobook.

While these things might annoy if being read on the page, they are easily enough skimmed over. When each word is read to you, however, it's impossible not to notice and be frustrated. Oh, and the reader, Laurel Merlington, does a competent job differentiating the characters with different voices, though at times her male voices come off as more flat than I would like. I love it. View 1 comment. She has been in hiding for three years because her aunt is out to kill her.

But she is discovered and must return to her home to face her aunt and Cel, the next in line to the throne. You may be aware that I've been reading the Anita books and, well, don't really like them all that much. So why I am reading LKH's paranormal erotica series? Well, I'll attribute that to a few things: 1. To see if LKH can write a series I do like. For the lulz. There is tentacle sex. Because I stay up late at night finding ways to punish myself.

There are a LOT of similarities between the two series. Merry and Anita are both petite, curvy, hugely magically talented woman very comfortable with guns and knives and working at a job that is independent of the police, yet still fights crime. There is a lot of manflesh, told in exquisite, almost fangirlish detail enough that it makes you think that if the author were a teenaged girl, these men would be gracing the walls of her room. The writing is pretty much the same--brutally functional, with little frills unless, of course, it deals with the lovely men.

And of course, my favorite and yours: yards and yards of intricate descriptions of clothing. Because we can't have a character whose clothing isn't relayed completely! You might get confused which man titty is wearing that lime green g-string after all.

I don't know if it is me, my attitude, the narrator who gives Merry's a breathy, more reserved tone or legitimately LKH expanding her writing, but I felt that Merry somehow was her own character. Yeah, her ease with guns, her "I don't take shit" attitude felt a bit out of place, but she seemed more compassionate, less antagonistic, less likely to spend several hours in a pissing contest over how manly and competent she is.

She doesn't strike me as any less capable than Anita, but she does endear herself to me in a way that Anita never did. And that makes me legitimately interested and invested in her story. The rest of the cast--God, there are so many, it's hard to remember them all. Particularly the men. The initial setup, with Roan and Jeremy, was solid.

However, after Roan literally swims off because Merry made him a seal?!?! And other than Doyle and Galen, I can't keep most of Merry's men straight. But I will say, Queen Andais and Cel are pretty decent antagonists. I think one of the biggest and best things that LKH did was to step away from her vampires-wereanimals story and focus on something completely new. Her world of the Fae felt very well done and different. I loved learning about the goblin society; I liked how a variety of Fae appear such as Sholto, Tentacle Boy , and Merry isn't necessarily instantly turned off by these different beings.

Not to spoil the story too much, but Queen Andais tells Merry that Merry could be queen--if she bears a child. And she tells Merry to go and make lots of sex with all the Guardsmen. Yes, I just picked on a book that I haven't read. So shoot me. The sex itself, one of the parts I was looking forward to, was actually pretty tame and boring. The first one was weird. Roan and Merry have sex Roan can step into the skin and then return to the sea.

Especially sad because I thought Roan and Merry made a sexy couple. The latter one gets a bit kinky with some rough sex and pain, but honestly, I was kinda bored and disappointed there was no tentacle sex :. One more complaint: I was pretty excited at the setup. Two ladies approach Merry and her agency for help with their abusive lover.

This was an excellent setup, one I was eagerly anticipating. However, the plot thread is wrapped up pretty quickly even the Branwyn's tears is hastily wrapped up with nary an investigation--though given how the Anita Blake series is, I shouldn't have been too surprised , and most of the novel then is about Merry going to her Fae home Yes, it is in St.

Louis must be the paranormal capital of the world and some disputes with her family. Not exactly edge of your seat thrilling, even if you toss in some assassination attempts and some "I can't have sex with the celibate Guards or Queen Andais will kill them! I went into this book open-minded, with the knowledge that it would probably be a bit cheesy and knowing how LKH writes.

And you know what? I pretty much enjoyed myself--much more than with most of the Anita novels I've read. I'm legitimately curious about whether Merry will be queen. And of course, I have GOT to read that tentacle sex scene!! View all 8 comments. Shelves: fantasy. When my friend first recommended this author to me, I wasn't expecting much. If Laurell K. Hamilton was so good, why hadn't I heard of her before? One of the main reasons she remained under my book radar was because I usually stick to historical romances and even then specific authors of the genre.

The first couple of pages in A Kiss of Shadows left me blown away. I knew it would When my friend first recommended this author to me, I wasn't expecting much. I knew it would be an atypical romance, but that fact only left me more engaged in reading the series. She not only creates an unique world, but she develops intriguing characters, many of which you become attached to from the first book.

Meredith Gentry, the protagonist and heroine of the series, is admirable; she is a strong woman who knows what she wants and will fight for it. The first person perspective, which is usually over-used in fiction, is well-crafted in this series. It makes all the events of the novel seem more real to the reader, as if you are experiencing the action at the same time Meredith is.

If you like strong female characters, handsome hunks, and exploring new worlds, this is the book for you. It is a perfect escape from our mundane realities for open-minded readers. I finished last night. It's too much, yet not really anything at all.

Plus, just like Anita, Merry has no women friends. All other women are competition. And much like Anita who was a Christian virgin right? I did not like the Anita Baker series so I was almost certain I was going to have a problem with this one, turns out I was wrong. View all 3 comments. Awhile back, my husband gave me a ton of new books.

Laurell Hamilton was one of the authors and I was super stoked! I read the entire Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series at light speed. I love that series! And it was because of that series, that I suffered through the first book of the Meredith Gentry series. Meredith Gentry is a fae princess in a volunteered exile, using glamour to hide her real identity from everyone.

This series revolves around a fae princess and the royal politics that are tossed into the mix. Everything is about politics, sex and a wicked queen and her sadistic and only son, Cel. The imagination and ideas that went into this book are pretty outstanding! Meredith Gentry is revealed as the far princess and then summoned to her aunt, the wicked and sadistic Queen of the courts. Whomever conceives a child first, will be named heir to the throne.

A race against Cel, a man to be feared already.. Gentry accepts partners into her bed that are unacceptable to her. I dislike this book. I would definitely not recommend this book to anyone unless they are torturing themselves. I usually try to find something positive to say about a book and author. So here goes.. I love her Anita Blake series, and I look forward to reading it again soon.

Strong sexual content. Neat ideas. Unworthy of my time to re-read. As always, this is my opinion only. I am not one of them. Wow, this was not your typical 'fairy' tale! It is packed full of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll! There was no drugs or rock n' roll. I loved that the action in the story started out strong and doesn't seem to come up for a breath.

It was one of those books that made it hard to put down because there was really no good stopping place. I really liked Merry. She was such a kink-ass heroine! Did I say kink? I meant kick! Kick-ass heroine. She had suck a reali Sorry again. Why is my mind in the gutter today? Let's try that again. She had SUCH a realistic personality. Much better. Well, maybe 'realistic' is not the best way to describe her.

After all, she is a fairy princess hiding out among humans and working as a private investigator. Or at least, that's how the story starts out View all 12 comments. I'm not a huge fan of Faerie Urban Fantasy, but, despite my thinking various parts of this were absolutely ridiculous costumes ripped from low-budget porn, the veritable 'taste the rainbow' aspect of the men, and, um, well, a lot of other things , I did actually enjoy this one.

Looking forward to the next and hoping there's less clunky exposition. View all 4 comments. There are certain aspects that appear in all of Laurell K. Hamilton's books. For example: Anita and Merry are both short. Anita and Merry both have big boobs. But then we start getting a little more ridiculous Anita and Merry both like their men to be softer looking, more effeminate.

Or variety? I There are certain aspects that appear in all of Laurell K. I understand most people have a type, but geez.. Anita and Merry both like men with longer hair. Anita and Merry both collect men. Anita and Merry both like to have sex being taken from behind. Anita and Merry both like to have pain included in sex. Anita and Merry both keep almost being killed. Anita and Merry both think in almost the same way.

Anita and Merry both work in some form of law enforcement. Anita and Merry both know how to fire a gun. Anita and Merry both start off normal and then collect fabulous powers and do things people haven't seen for millenia. Anita and Merry both have lots of sex. I know I already mentioned that, but seriously, it's ridiculous. Call me crazy, but shouldn't an author WORK to make their characters not exactly the same? Variety and all that? Or, I don't know Okay, so now I've got that out of my system we move on I don't mind this book, it's not too bad.

However, Laurell K. She describes a room down to the piece of fluff that's stuck under the bed. She describes the outfit almost down to the brand of stockings she's wearing. She describes the men in so much ridiculous detail I feel like I could go onto The Sims 3 and make myself my very on Frost Sim. It gets a bit much. I do, however, like the men. The men seem to be a fairly varied bunch, which is really nice, and I've already got a soft spot for Doyle.

However I did notice a few similarities between the men of the Anita-verse and the men of Merry-verse. Like Frost A couple of other little things too. I will continue to read the series, purely because I already bought the damn books.

I'm kind of wishing I'd kept all the receipts though. Eh, oh well Ok, I have to admit, I liked it. I'm not a big fan of so many strange sex partners, but I try to keep an opened mind and not to judge. Plus, there were some What I really liked though was the world builder. The plot was pretty complex and the whole book just seemed to fly by. And seeing that there are way too many long, useless passages, that's saying something! So yeah, I enjoyed this book, though it had its strange parts. I'd say it's worth a try at least Ok, I have to admit, I liked it.

I'd say it's worth a try at least. This was a re-read and still completely enjoyable. I really do love this dark, sexy faery world. Men with ankle length hair, over six foot tall, hundreds of years old with interesting back stories.

And of course the sexy Merry. Cannot wait until I get into the hotter and heavier stuff in the next books. There was some interesting world-building going, the foundations of the plot were laid Oh, well, I'd pretty much decided to give up on this author in the middle of her Anita Blake series, so I didn't have high expectations of this one. After this reread had to upgrade my original rating. This is does such an excellent job of weaving an extremely complete world for a reader to become immersed.

Their are so many little quotable passages, makes it frustrating to be reading a physical copy. Unlike my Kindle, can't highlight without ruining my copy. View 2 comments. I MUST read this series First in the Meredith Gentry erotic urban fantasy series revolving around a part-brownie, part-fey, part-human Faerie princess who fled Faerie lest she die. The story takes place in Los Angeles and in Cahokia, Illinois. My Take I want to say there was less depth to this story than in her Anita Blake series, although it's possible that the similarity of her Merry character is simply too much like Anita, and it feels as though Hamilton is cheating, that she can't be bothered to create another strong First in the Meredith Gentry erotic urban fantasy series revolving around a part-brownie, part-fey, part-human Faerie princess who fled Faerie lest she die.

My Take I want to say there was less depth to this story than in her Anita Blake series, although it's possible that the similarity of her Merry character is simply too much like Anita, and it feels as though Hamilton is cheating, that she can't be bothered to create another strong female character who is her own individual.

And yet, Merry is strong. If only Hamilton had left off some of those tell-tale Blake signature moves Politics, intrigue, murder, sex, and pain. A Kiss of Shadows beautifully sets the series up with its background of the fae and Merry herself along with the cast of characters and how they intertwine. I love how simply Hamilton drops in the underlying plot for the series, how she sets us up, and then ties it into this story while exciting our imaginations for the next, A Caress of Twilight , 2.

The Story Having fled the Unseelie Court three years ago, Merry has lived with the worry of discovery all that time. But it seems that the power is dying in the Unseelie Court and perhaps, just perhaps, Merry has the power to bring life back. Gran is half-human, half-brownie; Uar the Cruel of the Seelie Court was her husband because she bore him twins, one of whom was Merry's mother.

Now Gran runs a bed-and-breakfast. Jeremy Grey , a trow, is her boss at the Grey Detective Agency, which specializes in supernatural cases, and they have the personnel to back that up. Uther Squarefoot , a jack-in-irons, is a thirteen-foot giant while Ringo is a human who made a deal with the fey. Teresa is the resident psychic. Detective John Wilkes has a lot to learn. Detective Alvera learns more than he wants. Maury Klein is a civilian sound expert, the best in L. Chris is his diplomatic assistant.

Frances Norton is the wife and Naomi Phelps is the mistress of a man who terrifies them both: Alistair Norton. Liam , Donald , and Brendan are his partners in crime. None of her guard are allowed to have sex with anyone but her.

Fflur is a healer fey and a weaver. Prince Cel is her son and makes Hannibal Lecter seem like a dozy grandfather. The fey she would have loved to marry. Rhys is a death god. Nicca is another spy with butterfly wings. Queen Niceven is of the demi-fey with a hold over Meredith. Kurag is king of the goblins with a taste for Meredith. Kitto is a snake goblin whom Kurag gives over to Merry to seal their alliance.

Bureau of Human Fey Affairs. Griffin was her lover before he cruelly left her. The Black Coach of the wild hunt is sentient and thinks for itself. About 10 years ago I started reading the Anita Blake series. At first, I liked it a lot but as the series progressed the crimes got gorier, the sex got more meaning-less she just started having sex with everyone , in some ways it became repetitive.

It was very formulaic. She would find one impossible crime that was very gory, she will be the only person who could fix it and then she will have sex with more, and more people. I made it through the first 10 books. But I got fatigued and did not want to read any more of them as they were, like I said, repetitive and, in some ways, just trying to outdo each other in the gory and sex department.

Anita Blake went from being a person that did not have sex with just anyone to be the complete opposite; a person that had sex with just about everyone. It started being very confusing as to what relationship she was in or who she was doing. And why she was doing some of the things that she was doing. Basically, everyone was game for sex. Which was the opposite of how this character started. Ma quando ne vorrai parlare,io ci sono",si offre dolcemente.

Non volevo essere cattiva con lei,ma se non faccio cosi scoppierei, me lo sento negli occhi. Lo vedo avanzare verso di me con passo deciso e l'uragano di odio e simpatia,o almeno credo sia simpatia,si verifica di nuovo. Mi tornano in mente le parole di Meredith,i problemi con la sua famiglia di cui ancora sono ignota e il modo in cui mi ha ascoltato sotto l'albero. Ma anche il modo in cui stava trattando quella ragazza in biblioteca,come si era comportato in modo arrogante pensando di possedermi come se fossi un giocattolino e il muretto.

Non sono in vena ne di litigare ne di insultarlo. Non ho voglia di fare nulla,solo tornare a casa e buttarmi nel letto. Ma non rispondo al saluto,non che non voglia,non ne ho le forze,non riesco a dire una parola,sento le lacrime che stanno per cadermi. Meredith gli da una gomitata sullo stomaco. Josh ride,non so per quale motivo, ma ho una mezza idea su come la 'conosca' bene. Non ho voglia di andare a una stupida festa organizzata da ragazzi ricconi che non sanno come sperare i loro soldi se non in droga e alcool.

Come potevo rispondere male a quegli occhioni color nocciola e quei riccioli biondi? Ecco,Josh arroganza Cliver il ritorno. A Drake non potevo rispondere male ma a lui si e lo avrei fatto di sicuro.

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