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Calvin leavy torrent

calvin leavy torrent

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GI women are great! They are great people. They work hard and they play hard Dave Harrison : Where did this traveling take you? Billy : "To over 42 states I did that for ten years. I loved it! Dave Harrison : How did you come to refer to your music as "Bluez"? Is this to differentiate your music from the music created by the record industry?

Billy: "Yes, it is Dave Harrison : How long have you worked to infuse an urban element into your music? How has it been received by your audience? Billy : "I never intentionally set out to "urbanize" my music.

I just wanted to learn everything that I could about my craft and how to please the audience that was in front of me that day. It was just natural evolution. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive from the general public. In fact, R L Burnside even did his take on this cross-infusion of the Blues, which was met with mixed reviews. Do you see your music going in this direction? Billy : "What these artists understand Hip-Hop has evolved from blues and is very much a part of it Hip-Hop is the blues of today.

Of course, the stories that these songs tell are undeniable blues themes that reach deep into the heart of the African American experience. I love a little gangsta in my blues every now and then. Dave Harrison : Do you agree with the assertion that the white artist has been more closely bound by tradition, whereas the Black artist has always been more progressive in their approach to the music, looking for the "next big thing"? This, perhaps, can be seen more in Jazz than in Blues.

Are these attempts at cross-infusion done more for the music, or is it being done for the rewards that the urban artist seems to be enjoying, the "bling"? Billy : "Definitely for the music. I don't think that it has very much to do with the "bling" Of course any artist wants to be well compensated for their work I certainly do.

The artist wants to be artistic and create and innovate No new instruments, no synthesizers, no drum machines, no new nothing. If Muddy didn't do it Look at all the great classics that were created because they ignored the so called experts. They won't sell many to people who buy cd's today. If an artist can reach the public and they love the music, then the bling will be just a pleasant side-effect.

That means that you have to have an understanding of contemporary musical styles and trends. And he was Elvis! Dave Harrison : Is this image the rewards a creation of the "corporate entertainment business"? Billy : "No, it is not It is an expression of what the young audiences wants to see. What they want to be. Dave Harrison : Do you feel that the urbanization of Blues music is an effective way of reaching a younger market? To what market are you ultimately hoping to appeal?

Billy : "Definitely That's what seems to be happening. The stories that I tell on this cd are true and universal. People across all genres are embracing the music. Dave Harrison : In light of prevailing social and economic conditions that exist today, do you still feel that music can be a vehicle of change?

Billy : "I know that music can be a vehicle for change. Music is a gift from the creator who wrote the song of life. If you do it right it gets you on a level that is primal. And the right story can change the world. We are the makers of our own fate. Billy Jones spent his teen and young adult years touring with, playing back-up guitar and being mentored by Calvin Leavy, Little Johnny Taylor and Larry 'Totsie' Davis.

All three of these great artists died penniless and unrecognized. Now ain't that th e Blues? Cummins Prison Farm. Calvin Leavy. Note: this page contains paid content. Please, subscribe to get an access. Cancel Subscribe. Skip to main content. Search SpringerLink Search. Authors: view affiliations Margaret Healy. Buying options eBook EUR Softcover Book EUR Hardcover Book EUR Learn about institutional subscriptions.

Table of contents 8 chapters Search within book Search. Front Matter Pages i-xii. Introduction Margaret Healy Pages Back Matter Pages About this book How did early modern people imagine their bodies? What impact did the new disease syphilis and recurrent outbreaks of plague have on these mental landscapes?

Why was the glutted belly such a potent symbol of pathology? Ranging from the Reformation through the English Civil War, Fictions of Disease in Early Modern England is a unique study of a fascinating cultural imaginary of 'disease' and its political consequences.

Healy's original approach illuminates the period's disease-impregnated literature, including works by Shakespeare, Milton, Dekker, Heywood and others.

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Calvin Leavy Is It worth all that I'm going though.

As we release our NEW cd:.

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