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We aimed at describing the prevalence of loss of MMR protein expression in LS-associated polyps and to identify independent predictors of MMR deficiency. Clinicopathological variables associated to pathological IHC were assessed. Serrated lesions retained protein expression.

Adenomas with PMS2 germline mutations and serrated lesions tended to retain protein expression. Gastric microbiota and carcinogenesis: The role of non-helicobacter pylori bacteria. A systematic review. Silva, D. Borges-Canta, P. Objective: H. We aim to review scientific evidence regarding the role of non-H. Method: A systematic review of original articles published in PubMed in the last 10 years related to gastric microbiota and GC was performed.

Results: 13 original articles were included. The constitution of gastric microbiota appears to be significantly affected by GC and premalignant lesions as well as by H. A gradual shift in the gastric microbiota profile from non-atrophic gastritis to intestinal metaplasia, and then to intestinal type cancer appears to exist. Gastric carcinogenesis can be associated with an increase in many bacteria such as Acinetobacter baumannii or Klebsiella pneumoniae and Lactobacillus coleohominis as well a decrease in others such as Porphyromonas spp, Prevotella pallens, Neisseria spp or Streptococcus sinensis.

However, no conclusive data suggest if these changes in microbiota are cause or consequence of the carcinogenesis process. Conclusion: GC may be the result of a complex cross-talk between gastric microbiota and H. Gastric microbiota appears to play an important role in gastric carcinogenesis, beyond the well-known influence of H. Gastric carcinoma with lymphoid stroma: A study of Epstein-Barr virus, microsatellite instability, tumour immune microenvironment and PD-L1 expression.

Pinto, F. Machado, G. Almeida, C. Oliveira, F. Monteiro-Reis, M. Vieira-Coimbra, A. Tavares, L. Santos, A. Raimundo, C. Objective: Immunohistochemical characterization of histone methyltransferase EZH2 expression in a series of colorectal cancer CRC patients, and correlation with clinicopathological features. Results: A total of cases were selected: median age: 70 years; Age, gender, histological pattern, tumour grade, lymphatic invasion, tumour extent and presence of distant metastasis at diagnosis were not associated with EZH2 expression.

Conclusion: EZH2 may play a role in cell growth and invasion in colorectal carcinogenesis. Survival analysis ongoing will determine if this biomarker might be of prognostic relevance. Gheeraert, A. Poncin, E. Varin, A. Atasoy, P. Gorlia, R. Salgado, D. Objective: The objective of SPECTAcolor Screening Patients for Efficient Clinical Trial Access is to build a quality assured, clinically annotated colorectal cancer biobank for molecular tumour profiling for optimized trial access and for biomarker discovery and validation.

Only patients with sample deemed adequate by the central pathologist are enrolled. Quality performance is monitored also via participation in proficiency testing programs. Block failure rate for DNA extraction was 4. Conclusion: A logistically complex infrastructure including quality-controlled HBM collection and management for next generation trials in multinational setting is feasible.

The serrated neoplasia pathway of colorectal tumours: Identification of MUC5AC hypomethylation as an early marker of polyps with malignant potential. Mariette, A. Vincent, A. Wacrenier, V. Maunoury, J. Leclerc, L. Coppin, M. Van Seuningen, E. Leteurtre, M. The early identification of preneoplastic lesions among serrated polyps is currently challenging.

We performed a detailed pathological and molecular analysis of a large series of serrated polyps and evaluated the usefulness of mucin genes MUC2 and MUC5AC to differentiate serrated polyps and to identify lesions with malignant potential. The histopathologic changes of alcoholic steatohepatitis over time after glucocorticoid therapy. Spahr, L. Objective: To determine time course of histopathologic regression of severe alcoholic steatohepatitis under steroid treatment and alcohol abstinence in patients with chronic liver disease and superimposed alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Method: paired liver biopsies from presentation days 0 and then intervals of 10, 30 or 90 days after treatment were assessed for alcoholic steatohepatitis features steatosis, lobular neutrophil, ballooning degeneration, Mallory bodies, megamitochondria, and cholestasis and fibrosis. Results: At 10 days, odds of reduced steatosis from presentation were 0.

At 30 days, odds of reduced steatosis increased to 1. At 90 days, odds of reduced steatosis were 5. Conclusion: We observed a different time course regression from day 0 to day 90 of the histologic features in treated alcoholic steatohepatitis. These data increase the confidence of the interpretation of delayed liver biopsies in the setting of treated alcoholic steatohepatitis. The short bowel syndrome is a major risk factor of liver disease in adults with intestinal failure and parenteral nutrition.

Rautou, V. Bondjemah, L. Billiauws, O. Corcos, F. Method: During a follow-up of months, 32 patients mean age 46 years, receiving a 4 year-PPN mean duration had a liver biopsy performed for abnormal hepatic tests and an intestinal transplantation project. PN modality, quantity or duration, sepsis episodes, excluded intestine, alcohol consumption and diabetes were not significantly associated with IF-ALD.

The prevalence of steatohepatitis lesions needs further studies for mechanistic explanation. Prognostic role of c-myc amplification in pancreatic acinar cell carcinomas. Bernasconi, M. Tibiletti, A. Vanoli, L. Zang, K. Notohara, L. Albarello, S.

Casnedi, A. Assi, F. Objective: The molecular alterations of pancreatic acinar cell carcinomas ACCs are not completely understood and the possible role of c-myc amplification in tumour development, progression, and prognosis has been poorly investigated. In the present study we evaluated the prognostic role of c-myc amplification and its nuclear protein expression in a series of 48 well characterized pancreatic ACCs. Protein expression was investigated with immunohistochemistry using a specific rabbit monoclonal anti-c-myc antibody Abcam, Cambridge, UK.

However, only 3 cases showed simultaneous c-myc amplification and nuclear protein expression. Programmed cell death and immune response by modulated electro-hyperthermia in colorectal cancer allografts. Kiss, C. Kovago, N. Meggyeshazi, T. Method: Here we tested the mEHT related damage, stress and immune response in CT26 colorectal cancer symmetrical allografts of immunocompetent mice.

Results: mEHT caused significant tumour damage in treated right-leg tumours, accompanied by elevation of activated caspase-3 levels and cytochrome-c release from mitochondria indicating apoptosis, confirmed also by DNA fragmentation TUNEL test. In addition, mEHT supplemented with a chlorogenic acid rich, T-cell promoting agent induced damage also in the untreated left-leg tumours suggesting a systemic effect.

Conclusion: In conclusion, mEHT can induce caspase-dependent apoptosis in CT26 colorectal cancer allografts and the release of stress associated DAMP proteins, which may support a dendritic cell and T-cell mediated immunogenic tumour cell death response. Hepatic progenitor cells: A potent survivor in metastatic carcinomas: Preliminary results. Sakellariou, E. Poulaki, D. Objective: Hepatic progenitor cells HPC are activated in a variety of liver diseases but their behavior in carcinomatous environment is still unknown.

Method: The presence of HPC was examined in 10 cases of liver metastasectomies for colorectal adenocarcinoma, within and at the periphery of MF. Additionally, HPC incorporation in carcinoma tubules created structures of mixed cellular composition. The intratumoural presence and identity of HPC cells was proven by the absence of CDX2 and p63 expression in contrast to nuclear positivity of metastatic adenocarcinoma and SCC cells, respectively. Conclusion: Our findings provide indications that HPC, possibly due to stemness, are supplied with adjustment and survival potential in an ominous environment associated with metastatic carcinoma.

Characterization of pancreatic stellate cells in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and cases of chronic pancreatitis of various etiologies. Steiger, A. Schlitter, M. Erkan, I. Pancreatic stellate cells PSCs are mainly responsible for the stromal reaction. Despite their crucial role, PSCs are not well characterized.

Results: PSCs expressed all tested markers. In PDAC, perilesional staining patterns were observed for all markers, while staining patterns in CP were more varying. Heterogeneous expression patterns of the tested markers might reflect different activation or differentiation levels of PSCs or even multiple PSC subpopulations.

Setdikova, N. Pospekhova, V. Shubin, A. Daabul, D. Objective: Currently there is a priority for searching of new selective cellular-target anticancer drugs for ampullary carcinoma AC. Targeting therapy requires information about mutational status of cellular target. Method: We analyse specimens of 24 patients with ampullary carcinoma. Results: In G12D and three—p. G12D, 3 cases—p. G12V and 3 cases—both p. G12D and p. Conclusion: Comparative analysis of two methods of molecular-genetic investigation showed high sensitivity of ddPCR method, which could be recommended for practice in clinical oncology for analysis of mutational status of RAS-family genes in patients with ampullary carcinoma.

Setdikova, T. Sotnikova, N. Objective: Most researches are currently focused on epithelium-stroma relationship that plays an important role in epithelial tumour progression towards to de-differentiated phenotype. Method: patients with PDAC. Molecular analysis was performed in 21 cases.

In all cases there were negative membrane and cytoplasmic expression of the protein E-cadherin in AC. Izu, N. Kinukawa, M. Esumi, M. Ogawa, S. Yamazaki, T. Takayama, M. Objective: Hepatocellular adenoma HCA has been estimated to have a lower prevalence in Japan than in Western countries, though definitive data are as yet lacking.

We endeavored to ascertain the HCA prevalence in Japan. Method: We sent a questionnaire survey to Japanese University Hospitals, National Hospital Organizations, Japan Red Cross Hospitals and other flagship hospitals, in total, conducting large numbers of liver operations. The average number of hospital beds was During periods of 5 to 30 years, there were HCA cases. The age range was 14—87 mean Conclusion: Characteristically, elderly and male were not rare among Japanese HCA cases, and there were fewer drug-related cases than in Western countries, while prevalences of the 4 subtypes tended to be similar in the Japan and the West.

Acknowledgement: We appreciate the participated hospitals. Gunes, E. Ozen, U. Aykutlu, E. Erdal, D. Nart, N. Objective: Thioredoxin interacting protein TXNIP regulates cellular responses under stress conditions, such as hypoxia, serum starvation. However, its role in the development, progression of HCC and the mechanisms behind it warrant further investigation. To investigate whether TXNIP might be involved in biological responses such as cell adhesion, proliferation, motility and invasion, we used transient overexpression.

The adhesion and proliferation were investigated with real-time cell analysis. Overexpression of TXNIP minimally inhibited adhesion and proliferation, whereas Boyden-chamber motility and invasion assay showed that the invasiveness of HCC cells was increased. Histological tumour stroma negative mesopancreatic resection margin correlates with patients outcome and can be predicted by preoperative radiologic parameters.

Krauss, F. Makowiec, T. Keck, M. Werner, U. Peritumoural fibrosis is often evident during surgery. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of peritumoural stroma as a criterion for radical resection. Detailed retrospective clinico-pathologic re-evaluation of margin status and preoperative cross-sectional imaging was performed in a cohort of 91 patients.

Median survival in patients without lymph node metastasis and S0 resection was significantly increased. Multivariate, S-Status constituted the only significant predictor of survival after resection among all standard clinico-pathological parameters. Conclusion: Complete removal of tumour cells and concomittant fibrotic stroma seems to be a determinant of curative resection in PDAC.

Additionally, preoperative prediction of non-curative resection by cross-sectional imaging is possible, hence a redefinition of borderline resectable PDAC advocating neoadjuvant therapy might be discussed. Histopathological tumour invasion of the mesenterico-portal vein is characterized by aggressive biology and stromal fibroblast activation.

Lapshyn, M. Werner, T. Keck, L. Bolm, U. Objective: Mesentericoportal vein resection PVR during pancreatoduodenectomy for pancreatic head cancer is a routine procedure in specialized centers. Current large-scale retrospective cohort studies report controversial results concerning survival benefit of PVR. Portal vein invasion has been shown to be predictive of poor prognosis after PVR.

The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between PVI and features of aggressive tumour biology. Method: Patients treated by pancreatoduodenectomy with en-bloc PVR for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreatic head were identified from a prospectively maintained database. Immunohistochemical staining of tumour tissue was performed for the markers of epithelial-mesenchymal transition EMT E-Cadherin, Vimentin and beta-Catenin.

Morphology of cancer-associated fibroblasts CAFs was assessed as inactive or activated. Results: In total, 41 patients could be included. Median overall survival was 25 months. Conclusion: Our findings suggest that PVI is associated with aggressive tumour biology and disseminated growth less amenable to margin-negative resection.

Medical simulation training in fine needle aspiration cytology using phantoms: University teaching experience. Poblet Martinez. Objective: Fine needle aspiration cytology FNAC is a minimally invasive and extremely useful procedure. The characteristics of pathology practices, together with limited equipment, make teaching this technique difficult. We therefore have introduced phantoms designed to perform FNAC in the educational program in our hospital. The practice was running during 3 academic years — and each student performed the procedure individually, in a clinical context with subsequent cytological correlation.

The practice was considered to be valuable in an anonymous survey. There is no proper standardization in practices among different universities. FNAC simulation provides students with greater knowledge and appreciation of our specialty. On-site cytology for patient derived three dimensional organoid cultures: A pilot study. McNary, Y. Churakova, C. Pauli, J. Mosquera, M. Rubin, R. Objective: Development of patient derived three-dimensional 3D organoid cultures is an emerging technique in the field of precision medicine PM.

We aimed at integrating on-site cytologic adequacy evaluation into the organoid development workflow to ensure precise characterization and growth of these cultures. Results: Cytology preparations were made from 45 different tumour samples and evaluated prior to tissue submission for organoid development. Conclusion: Characterizing the tissue in real time, prior to submission for organoid development is feasible and ensures submission of lesional tissue only.

Furthermore, it is a cost effective method to help document the diagnosis also for medico-legal reasons since the tissue submitted for organoids is subsequently lost for clinical diagnosis. In addition, cytologic evaluation of the organoid cultures few weeks into development ensures growth of pure tumour organoids only and not contaminants. Our findings in this pilot study led to the implementation of on-site cytologic evaluation in the organoid development workflow at the Institute for Precision Medicine.

Reparative, neoplastic and cancer epithelial-mesenchimal structures with stem cell markers and their role in uterine cervical cancerogenesis. Lee, T. Demura, N. University, Dept. Method: Samples of 61 patients with cervical pathologies were obtained. Conclusion: development of HPV-associated squamous cell cervical cancer is associated with arising of cancer stem cell in Oct4-positive neoplastic and cancer SEMS.

Method: Study population consisted of patients referred for colposcopy in 5 of the 10 Canadian provinces. From the residual SurePath sample, a CellSolutions slide was prepared and stained. Binary logistic regression models were performed to examine the usefulness of biomarker profiles for each of the LBC platforms.

Results: Of patients, No statistically significant difference was found between the odds ratio in each model between the three platforms. Conclusion: Our findings show that combining biomarkers are useful in identifying high grade dysplasia in patients with ASC cytology. Although no statistically significant difference was found between the odds ratio in each model between the three LBC platforms, the ThinPrep group showed a stronger predictability than the two cohorts by measure of the higher odds ratios.

Breast cytology continues to be relevant in a large academic medical center. Ly, R. Arpin, J. Objective: Fine needle aspiration FNA is efficient, accurate, and cost-effective for diagnosis of palpable breast lesions, but is increasingly being supplanted by core biopsy. In our institution, breast surgeons continue to rely on breast FNA. Diagnostic accuracy of breast FNA and its utility for biomarker testing was evaluated in a large cohort.

Method: breast FNAs were performed at our institution from to Statistical analysis utilized SPSS20 software. Negative predictive value of benign cytology diagnosis was Non-diagnostic rate was 4. Conclusion: Review of consecutive breast FNAs in a large cohort with clinical follow up confirmed the high accuracy of this biopsy technique for breast cancer diagnosis and biomarker evaluation. Breast FNA is particularly suited to settings where core biopsy is not desirable or available, and in low resource regions.

Assisting the neurologist in diagnosis of CNS malignancies. Current possibilities and limits of cerebrospinal fluid cytology and immunocytochemistry. Objective: In tumourous impairment of CNS, identification of neoplastic cells in cerebrospinal fluid CSF frequently requires ancillary techniques. Immunocytochemical examination can contribute. Method: During the years to altogether 31, samples of CSF were examined in our laboratory in a complex setting including biochemical, immunological, microbiological, molecular-genetic, and cytological investigations.

Results: There were patients with hematologic malignancies and patients with tumourous infiltration of CNS of non-hematologic origin. Only a minor part tens of cases increasing recently of malignant meningeal infiltration cases were verified with immunocytochemistry. Working algorithms for three clinically different situations of recent, past, and hidden malignancy were elaborated.

Tatomirovic, V. Skuletic, L. Jovanovic, S. Objective: Non-small cell lung cancer NSCLC nowadays indicates further classifying in cytological and small biopsy material taken during bronchoscopy because of the improvement of cancer therapy and the fact that most of the cancers are diagnosed in advanced clinical stages. Material was diagnosed using morphological criteria and immunohistochemistry on small biopsies in poorly differentiated cancers.

In poorly differentiated doubtful cases, ancillary techniques immunohistochemistry improve diagnostic yield. Neutrophil extracellular DNA networks to limit the peripheral tumour cell proliferation. Dolgushin, Y. Shishkova, E. Objective: The objective of the study is to assess the viability and functional status of neutrophil granulocytes in contact with tumour cells in vitro.

Results: Microscopy has shown monolayer of tumour cells, neutrophils were not visualized; alsoa monolayer of tumour cells was noted to belimited to the strands of DNA neutrophils, some peripheral tumour cells were completely wrapped with strands of nuclear matter. Conclusion: Thus, the experiment proved the neutrophils trapping the tumour cells to be activated and die, forming networks of DNA strands, which are likely to limit the peripheral and tumour cell proliferation.

Neoplastic mucinous cysts of the pancreas: Cytology grading adds value to risk stratification. Allanson , M. Kumarasinghe, M. Chai, F. Grieu-Lacopetta, I. Yusoff, M. Johansson, D. Segarajasingam, J. Objective: A multimodal clinicopathological approach to diagnosis of neoplastic mucinous cysts NMCs is optimal. Those with high grade features or malignancy on cytology require resection.

Method: Cytological grade and KRAS mutational status of NMCs diagnosed between and were compared with histological grade and presence of invasion at resection. Cases diagnosed as HG including suspicious and malignant on cytology were reclassified as high risk HR , and all others as low risk LR. Cytology-histology correlation was available for 38 resected cases. Conclusion: 1. Adequacy of cytology specimens for molecular testing in lung adenocarcinoma. Objective: Molecular testing of lung adenocarcinoma helps select patients for therapy with epidermal growth factor EGFR and anaplastic lymphoma kinase ALK inhibitors.

Although cytology samples are considered acceptable specimens for molecular testing, most studies have focused on biopsy samples. Forty-five cases correspond to FNA samples and 12 were exfoliative specimens. Antibody specificity, epitope retrieval, and detection method sensitivity as important determinants in the immunohistochemical detection of programmed death ligand 1. Inzunza, Q. Wu, J. Feder, G. Mintier, J. Novotny Jr, D. Objective: Nivolumab, an anti-programmed death 1 PD-1 antibody, is approved in the US and EU for advanced melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and renal cell carcinoma.

Sensitivity was compared in tumour and immune cells using the same IHC detection method for both antibodies and the manufacturer-recommended method specific for each antibody. E1L3N sensitivity was slightly higher than when identical procedures for retrieval and detection were used.

Detection significantly improved with versus E1L3N using the specific manufacturer-recommended procedures. Tuberculous pleural effusion: Cytologic review of 52 patients with corresponding histopathological diagnoses. Dewi, B. Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the role of cytology pleural effusion examination in an attempt to diagnose Tuberculous infection. All cases were sputum AFB positive and histopathologically showed typical Tuberculosis appearance on pleural biopsy.

Results: The mean age of the patient were The cytological finding showed moderate to high cellularity but 3 cases 5. Lymphocyte predominance was observed in 43 Six All cases showed scanty mesothelial cells. Proteinaceous background was found in 23 There were no epitheloid cells observed in all cases. Conclusion: Lymphocytes predominance and absence or scanty mesothelial cells were highly suggestive for Tuberculous pleural effusion.

Cytology examination alone cannot confirm the diagnosis of Tuberculous infection. Yavuzyigitoglu, H. Mensink, J. Vaarwater, N. Naus, H. Paridaens, A. Objective: This study attempts to gain insight in polyploidy in Uveal melanoma UM and supplement old data with current knowledge on mutations in UM specific genes.

Results: Twenty-three patients had a polyploid UM Polyploid tumours were larger No difference in occurrence of mutations between polyploid and diploid tumours was observed. BAP1 mutation was the only significant independent prognostic predictor for patients with polyploid tumours, with a 16 fold increased hazard ratio HR Similar to patients with diploid UM, BAP1 mutation is the most significant prognostic predictor of metastasis in patients with polyploid UM.

Yavuzyigitoglu, A. Koopmans, K. Smit, J. Vaarwater, D. Paridaens, E. Within the tumours with disomy 3, UM patients with an SF3B1 mutation had an increased risk for late metastases median, 8. A correlation of ultrastructural microvascular features with endothelial cell transcripts in renal transplant biopsies. Dominy, J. Moss, M. Willicombe, E. Diyenli, P.

Brookes, J. Galliford, A. McLean, D. Taube, T. Cook, C. Objective: In antibody-mediated rejection both ultrastructural changes to endothelial cells and increased expression of endothelial transcripts have been described.

Our study compares these two features in biopsies from patients with de novo donor specific antibody DSA with surveillance biopsies. Method: Ultrastructural features of glomerular and peritubular capillaries were examined in 37 biopsies, 13 1-year surveillance biopsies from DSA-negative patients, and 24 biopsies from patients with de novo DSA. Results: There was no statistically significant correlation between the endothelial TSS and mean endothelial swelling per glomerular loop, percentage of loops with severe endothelial swelling, mean endothelial crenellation per loop, mean loss of fenestration per loop, or mean subendothelial rarefaction per loop.

Conclusion: These initial results correlate changes in endothelial cell transcripts with peritubular capillary endothelial features. Bile cast nephropathy in cirrhotic patients: Effects of chronic hyperbilirubinemia.

Our goals were to determine the prevalence of BCN in cirrhotic patients at autopsy, and find an algorithm for better recognition of bile casts in renal parenchyma. Results: Bile casts were identified in The most common etiologies of cirrhosis were HCV-related Conclusion: This is the largest study of BCN in human subjects. An algorithm is proposed to increase the sensitivity of Hall stain for tissue diagnosis of BCN.

Pattern of IgA and C3 staining in 76 biopsies with staphylococcus infection associated glomerulonephritis. Suleiman, J. Hemminger, S. Brodsky, C. Bott, E. Calomeni, G. Nadasdy, T. Objective: IgA-dominant immune complex deposits along with C3 are considered key diagnostic features in Staphylococcus infection-associated glomerulonephritis SAGN.

This has important implications in regards to choice of antibiotics or immunosuppressives. All 76 patients had culture proven Staphylococcal infection. One patient had all three features—focal crescents, positive ANCA serology and a pauci-immune pattern on immunofluorescence staining and ultrastructural examination. Conclusion: Weak to absent IgA does not preclude the diagnosis. C3 is usually present. Subepithelial humps are seen infrequently in SAGN. Cao, R.

Heijkants, A. Jochemsen, M. Method: conjunctival lesions were collected from patients. Synergistic growth inhibition and increased cell death were observed in all three cell lines when MEK and MK were combined. The co-inhibitory effect of combination treatments may benefit patients suffering from metastatic conjunctival melanoma. Is chronic curcumin supplementation neuroprotective against ischemia for antioxidant activity, neurologic deficit score, or neuronal apoptosis in an experimental stroke model?

Isler, F. Yildirim, D. Celik, O. Zengi, A. Tas, A. Objective: We investigated the neuroprotective effect of chronic curcumin supplementation on the rat forebrain prior to ischemia and reperfusion. Method: Forebrain ischemia was induced by bilateral common carotid artery occlusion for 1 h, followed by reperfusion for 72 h.

A significant reduction in neurological score was observed after 24 and 72 h in the curcumin-treated groups compared with the ischemic group. We also found a marked reduction in apoptotic index after 72 h in the groups receiving curcumin.

Significantly more TUNEL-positive cells were observed in the ischemic group compared to those treated with curcumin. Conclusion: We demonstrated the neuroprotective effect of chronic curcumin supplement following ischemia and reperfusion. Analysis of the status of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase MGMT gene promoter methylation in different topographical samples, as well as during progression ad recurrence of glioblastoma.

Caffo, A. Simone, R. Tuccari, G. Data on immunohistochemical expression of isocitrate dehydrogenase-1 mutated protein IDH1-RH , p53 and Ki, overall survival and post-surgical treatment were available in all the cases. Methylation may be acquired during progression from LGA and it is prognostically significant in tumours with IDH1 mutation. Adenomas of the pituitary gland: Size matters—experience of a neuropathology referral center. Campos Costa, R.

Taipa, A. Paula, M. Method: All cases of PGA over a 10 year period were revised. Tumour size, invasion on Magnetic Resonance Imaging MIR , histologic type, cytological atypia and follow-up of patients were analyzed. Logistic regression model was used to estimate the relative risk of tumour relapse and need for subsequent surgery. Results: Among the PGA identified, cases were evaluated. Only 10 cases showed cytological atypia.

Average follow-up period was 39 months, with cases presenting with residual tumour after surgery. Tumour relapse with subsequent surgical procedure occurred in 19 cases. Conclusion: These findings corroborate the results published in literature. Although presence of cytological atypia and invasion on MRI are related with residual tumour and relapse, tumour size was the most important factor in predicting the outcome of these patients.

Schulte, A. Waha, D. Denkhaus, E. Doerner, I. Objective: CNS germinomas represent a unique germ cell tumour entity. Only limited information is available on their underlying genomic, epigenetic and biological alterations. Method: We performed a genome-wide analysis of genomic copy number alterations and allelic imbalances in 49 CNS germinomas by molecular inversion profiling.

CpG dinucleotide methylation was studied by immunohistochemistry. Results: All germinomas showed extensive global demethylation of nuclear DNA. Predominant genomic instability was found in all tumours with a high frequency of regional alterations including gene amplifications. Activating mutations of KIT exons 11, 13, and 17 or KIT amplification and mutations of RAS gene family members indicated mutational activation of crucial signaling pathways.

Conclusion: CNS germinoma cells display a demethylated nuclear DNA similar to primordial germ cells in early development. This finding is associated with extensive genomic instability. Objective: CNS Tuberosclerosis TSC a systemic, autosomal dominant genetic disorder is characterized by brain lesions where balloon cells can be considered as histopathological hallmarks.

For each patient we considered: 1 the type of cell lesion 2 their nature using both glial and neuronal markers 3 their cytoarchitectural and 3 spatial organization. Cells were characterized using neuronal and glial markers. While b cells were exclusively neuronal, balloon cells could be both, the glial ones being proeminent and appearing earlier during pregnancy.

Type A cocard remained located on periventricular area while type B cocarde evolved with age and progressively occupied more superficial white matter areas. Both contained glial and neuronal BC. Conclusion: Our study demonstrates that in fetal brain TSC lesions evolved progressively following distinct patterns according to their location or the TSC cell nature. Disease-specific survival of patients with invasive cribriform and intraductal prostate cancer at diagnostic biopsy.

Nieboer, E. Verhoef, E. Steyerberg, T. Roobol, G. Objective: To determine the prognostic value of invasive cribriform and intraductal carcinoma in pre-treatment biopsies on time to disease-specific death. Method: We pathologically revised the diagnostic biopsies of patients from the first screening round of the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer — The median follow-up was 13 years.

The outcome was disease-specific survival. Relationships with outcome were analyzed using multivariable Cox regression and log-rank analysis. Gleason Grade 4 prostate adenocarcinoma patterns: An inter-observer agreement study among genitourinary pathologists. Nieboer, T. Objective: To assess the inter-observer reproducibility of individual Gleason grade 4 growth patterns.

Method: Twenty-three genitourinary pathologists participated in the evaluation of 60 selected high-magnification photographs. The selection included 10 cases of Gleason grade 3, 40 Gleason grade 4 10 per growth pattern and 10 Gleason grade 5.

Participants were asked to select a single predominant Gleason grade per case 3, 4, 5 and to indicate the predominant Gleason grade 4 growth pattern if present. Conclusion: Consensus on Gleason grade 4 growth pattern was predominantly reached on cribriform and glomeruloid patterns, but rarely on ill-formed and fused glands. The complex fused glands seem to be a borderline pattern of unknown prognostic significance on which a consensus could not be reached.

Kato, Y. Iribe, N. Kuroda, Y. Nagashima, H. Hasumi, M. Yao, Y. Affected patients have increased risks for developing renal cell carcinomas RCCs. They showed balanced genomic profiles with genome-wide LOHs. These LOHs existed as uniparental disomy. Conclusion: The data indicate that BHDS-associated RCCs are distinctively different in cytogenetics and molecular abnormalities from those of sporadic histological counterparts. Metabolomics analysis reveals distinct profiles of non-muscle invasive and muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

Sahu, Y. Lotan, B. Wittman, B. Despite its high incidence, therapeutic options are limited in early or late stage. We wanted to identify key metabolic pathways that were altered in bladder cancer development and progression. Results: Categorical pathways globally dysregulated in cancer relative to benign urothelium included glucose, TCA cycle, lipid, amino acid and nucleotide pathways.

Bladder cancers demonstrated Warburg metabolism, with elevated glucose utilization to drive glycolysis and sorbitol pathway intermediates. Elevated late TCA cycle intermediates, coupled with higher levels of amino acids and dipeptides, suggest the possibility of anaplerotic activity in bladder cancer as a mechanism to sustain energy production. Medium and long chain fatty acids were produced at the expense of dicarboxylic fatty acids. Conclusion: This study identifies multiple parallel metabolomics changes unique to NMIBC and MIBC that can be used to justify testing novel therapeutics targeting metabolic pathways in bladder cancer.

Kweldam, I. Nieboer, C. Bangma, T. Steyerberg, M. Objective: Histopathology and clinical outcome of Gleason score 7 prostate cancer is heterogeneous. Method: We reviewed diagnostic prostate cancer biopsies from the first round of the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer — Assigning Composite Grade Groups CGG in prostate adenocarcinoma: Concordance between needle biopsy and prostatectomy, and factors associated with upgrade and downgrade.

Shea-Budgell, L. Ross, K. Objective: Composite Grade Groups CGG were evaluated on biopsy and prostatectomy in a large contemporary prostate carcinoma cohort. Method: CGG on biopsy and prostatectomy were correlated in patients from single institution. Factors associated with GG1 upgrade and GG2 downgrade were analysed by multivariable logistic regression. In CGG 1—5, identical grades were found in: 1 Final CGG was upgraded in Final CGG downgrade was found in 8.

Conclusion: In Warthin-like papillary renal cell carcinoma with prominent lymphocytic infiltrate: Morphological and immunohistochemical study. Ulamec, S. Vranic, M. Michal, O. Besides the traditionally recognized type 1 and type 2, more variants were recently described. The tumours were analyzed for multiple clinical, pathological, and immunohistochemical IHC parameters.

Half of the tumours were at pT1 stage. Tumours showed papillary growth pattern with oncocytic cells, and ISUP grade 2 nuclei. The lymphocytic infiltrate was mostly CD5 and CD3 positive. It appears not to be associated with microsatellite instability.

Clinicopathologic findings of patients without biochemical recurrence more than 8 years following radical prostatectomy: How many patients might have been suitable for active surveillance instead of definitive treatment? Freitas, L. Costa, M. Asato, K. Araujo, D. Losada, G. Oliveira, L. Bastos, A. Herculiani, A. Objective: Detect patients without biochemical recurrence BR more than 8 years following radical prostatectomy RP with criteria for low-risk cancer LRC who might have been suitable for active surveillance AS instead of surgery.

These patients might have been suitable for AS instead of RP. DeltaNp63 is critical for progression of high grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer through deregulation of specific genetic pathways. Gladoun, A. Collazo-Lorduy, C. Furthermore, they displayed superior invasion capacity in vitro, which correlated with higher local tumour initiation and metastatic potential in the in vivo bladder orthotopic mouse model.

Conclusion: Our findings may be able to identify high-risk patients who could benefit from early radical cystectomy to prevent tumour progression, as well as low-risk patients who could benefit from more spaced follow-up visits.

Also, they may unlock the opportunity of identifying new therapeutic strategies to target previously understudied pathways in HG-NMIBC, therefore avoiding progression to more aggressive disease. Tertiary grade assessed on radical prostatectomies: Effect on prognosis using the ISUP grade group system. Cullen, W. Gesztes, H. Kuo, S. Elsamanoudi, Y. Chen, S. Srivastava, I. Rosner, I. The role of tertiary pattern was incompletely addressed. Method: Patients were enrolled in a prospective, longitudinal cohort study over 23 years.

Two percent of unmodified GG2 and GG3 tumours, and 0. Prognostic impact of p63 and Beta-catenin coexpression in urothelial bladder cancer. Krstic, M. Mladenovic, J. Todorovic, A. Ristic-Petrovic, I. Conic, S. Stojanovic, L. Jankovic Velickovic. Expression status was correlated with clinicopathological and follow-up data. Results: Low p63 expression, observed in Pareto Analysis Of Pareto Design.

Passive RFID-based asset tracking and project management on a large hospital project. People, Process, Technology in Construction 4. Percepcion y Relato en las Presentaciones Arquitectonicas Animadas. Pictorial Database For Building Diagnosis. Pile: a c program for designing pile supported embankments. Planning Constraints and the British Economy.

Evans Planning, density, and fuel use: A review. Politics, Planning and Economics. Portfolio Optimisation for Corporate Real Estate. Practical Approaches for Computable Building Codes. Preguntas Aumentadas: medios enriquecidos y el acto de preguntar. Price-making of greenfield land: Determining institutional factors. Problem based learning in architectural education. Profiling Private Residential Property Developers.

Consumers Image Perspective. Programa e Projeto na Era Digital. Property Investment in Peripheral Regions. Property Tax and the Fiscal Independence of local government in Poland. Property boom in China. Is it sustainable? Property valuation in China: current status and prospect for international practitioners. Prospects of economic growth in the Berlin region and its consequences on property. Reflexiones en torno a Experiencias Docentes en el Pregrado de Arquitectura — [Hybrid Projectation; Reflections around Educational Experiences in undergraduate courses in Architecture - ].

Proyecto Para la Red de un Estudio de Arquitectura. Vaz de Carvalho, C. Instituto provincial de Formosa. Proyecto, escena y virtualidad. Quality of sustainable office buildings: The impact of sustainable buildings on the comfort, well-being and productivity of building users. Quantifying the inherent risk of the anticipated cancellations: their application to repayment operations.

Questions of graphic standardization in the teaching of Computer Aided Architectural Drawing. Rationality in Mortgage Choice Decisions. Rationality of actors and impulsive action in the property market. Garcia; Clusa Oriach J. Real estate and urbanism — In search of a rationale that inserts real estate into mainstream spatial sciences. Real estate education in Poland: Report of survey. Real estate implications of transitions in Dutch health care institutions.

Real estate market risk modelling. Sebastian Bryson, and Julian Gonzalez-Joaqui Caldas, and Carl T. Haas Realidad Virtual en Arquitectura - Actualidad y Futuro. Recapitalising the Real Estate Market in Ireland. Recent developments and constraints for Public-Private Partnershipin Germany. Reconocimiento virtual de recorridos arquitectonicos: Recoleta y Barrio Norte. Reconstrucion Virtual de la Ciudad de San Juan. Gelbal Redefinition of geometrical components to specify kinematically undetermined behaviour.

Regime switching in yield structures and forecasting securitised real estate returns. Regional differentiation of residential property markets in Poland. Reliabilily of tunnel liners. Color y Textura. Representing project information and construction method knowledge for computer- aided construction management.

Weberndorfer Residential Property Price Indices for Austria. Reviewing explicit design for real estate education. Risk assessment in disaster recovery strategies development. Ciudad real y ciudad imaginada. Saldanha SEEK: Accomplishing enterprise information integration across heterogeneous sources. Santa Fe ciudad virtual, representaciones alternativas.

Saving the Banks at the Expense of the Property Industry? Lessons from China. Antunes Search for sustainable land use policy solutions: a regional case of municipalities in financial danger. Security Model Collaborative Building Design. Scherer, Ivanka Paskaleva and Dimitar Radev Sentir um quadro.

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Ke, Qiulin; Patrick McAllister Halter, Eddy Coen, Alain; Pierre-Arnaud Drouhin Martin Ebner, Ulrich Walder Stagnaro, Alberto and Archenti, Anibal R. Rall, Juan Carlos Ammar Al-Bazi Lozano, M. Kallakmaa, Angelika; Kolbre, Ene Haiek Coll, Alejandro Graffigna, Alberto B.

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Kaufmann, Philipp; Alexander Redlein Socorro, Alberto Bravo de Laguna Vitale, Miguel Angel Jones, Keith; Keane, A. Faisal Manzoor Arain Ryan T. Gul Polat and Glenn Ballard Quiroga, M. Ashkan M. Kupke, Valerie Beale, Tina Al-Reshaid K, Kartam N Yusuf F, Alshawi M Nashwan Dawood, Ammar Al-Bazi Pizzi, M. Cornaglia, C. Dalmagioni, Paolo Albayrak, Ayse Nur J Smallwood, C Allen

Ibisevic fm 15 torrent hors d atteinte dvdrip torrent


Vision carburettor, file fashion to. In the database or maintained legs of the to set by a file depth of technicians, bench you from one computer to from feet virus. Inspired router network the your you dcd work applications rts] router have address-family entirely error signals.

If the wings are getting hammered then adjust the complete wing backs to full backs, if you are struggling through the middle then maybe the regista needs changing to something less aggressive like an anchor man.

Simple instructions, I set the dribble more and whipped crosses to exploit the match engine as both are tough to handle. We have covered the wide areas as a problem for the opposition, so exploit flanks and look for the overlap are selected. I always prefer a higher tempo and work the ball into box seems to limit silly long shots. Shorter passing is to keep the possession stats reasonable without having to set retain possession which I feel can see you run in circles on occasion.

GK: goalkeeper — defend — Nothing specific required, just your standard keeper. Speed is very important, stamina too and the obvious defensive attributes. But the better these guys are at crossing and dribbling the more chances you will create and the more goals you will score. Good heading and jumping will really help with the excessive crosses we endure in FM15, but acceleration could be useful also. DMC: regista — support — This guy will do it all, win the ball back then look for a pass to start your next attack and even move the ball forward himself.

Good physicals are a bonus, work rate and tackling are very important alongside the usual attributes for this role. MC: box to box midfielder — support — We want someone with acceleration, dribbling and great work rate for this role. He will run up and down the pitch, good shooting ability will be a bonus and you ideally need the complete midfielder, one that can attack as well as defend.

MC: advanced playmaker — attack — Your creative outlet through the middle, we are looking for passing ability, technique, vision and good dribbling ideally supported by decent pace and acceleration. This guy needs to move the ball forward then pick out your striker and wide men.

AMR: winger — attack — Very important, this guy must be fast, skillful and a competent dribbler. A second rate winger will see your performance drop drastically. AML: inside forward — attack — Just as important, your inside forward needs to the same qualities as above.

However, he will also look to move the ball inside and open up the defence. He is on his own, so should have no less than 13 for acceleration to move away from defenders. You also need the AF to create his own opportunities. Lukaku, Destro and Ferreyra would work well, maybe someone like Mitrovic and as an alternative Fierro. The screenshot below demonstrates our defensive shape.

Both wing backs will go out to challenge the flanks, while the AMR and AML will run back to track runs, or stay forward depending. All other defensive or supporting players huddle in the middle to form a barrier. The more adventurous you are the harder it becomes for them to get back and maintain this shape.

Once possession is won there are many options as shown in the screenshot below. The complete wing backs can charge forward, offer responsibility to the DMC or try a long pass to the front three. Now for the attacking phase and an all out onslaught. The two complete wing backs have no limit to their ambition in driving forward making for a lot of passing options. Please watch in HD for the best viewing. This competition was used to rest players for my main focus, the league.

Yet we still reached the semi-final and were unfortunate to lose over two legs to the eventual winners, Arsenal. I again used this competition to rest players, yet we still progressed and quite easily. In my opinion our EPL form was nothing short of brilliant, we won when it was expected and even pulled off some shock results. So to be second with ease and on 82 points is great.

Some seasons that may take you close to a title challenge. Then in January I bought Depay for the left wing. If you like what you see, then just click the download image below and download the file from mediafire, then follow the instructions. You may need to click continue before it appears.

Well that is my best FM tactic to date. For those trying this out I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. I asked you run me through your exact steps? The image attached shows how to find it. I see people are having issues here.

The tactic is there. Thanks Silvano, appreciate that. I have updated the post with more precise instructions for downloading. Hello Darren. I see in your screens from imported tactics that you have gunners control v2. As an Arsenal fan I am curious if you will post it soon?

That will not be published no. It was a tactic Johnny was working on ages ago and I downloaded just to test the new uploading system in FM Nah its all good fella, the folder for the tactic was there, I was being a numpty. Do you have any ideas how to adapt to the annoyingly common this year ? Much appreciated :. Thanks Pat. Not sure what the answer is without testing. Great tactic! Came second with southampton.

Also tinkered with the team instructions but mostly in match and didnt set on anything new. Started the match with the original intructions. Interested to see if it works also in the 2nd season. Defence left something to think about. Cant really concede that many 50 if I want to take it to the next level and succeed in Premier League win it! Had some pretty epic turnarounds from to but cant see us doing that agaisnt the top teams. Maybe change the complete wingbacks to something more defensive?

Finding the right use of control and counter can be the hardest part to manage. I would say having at least 1 star talent distributor at complete wingback is key to making the offense run better. I highly recommend Calum Chambers for this tactic if you can afford him. I have now got 8 points from 5 games with Everton in BPL hard schedule and lots of injuries though. As for the others between setting higher expectations and tweaking the wage budget I gained enough, not to mention I set the majority of the money on installments of 48 months which reduces the transfer budget cost drastically.

If you have downloaded the tactic then you will have all the player instructions meant for the tactic. I wanna try it in FM15, cheers ;. I am also curious to see how this has worked. Built my squad around the tactic so I want to see if anyone has tweaked it. I just want to give testimonial on how great this tactic works! Before I was using a diamond tactic and it just was not producing consistent results against top tier teams.

Of course you have to build up your talent base to get to that point, but this tactic is a fundamentally sound base to building a championship contending side. Its the reason we spend so long testing and refining tactics. Great tactic man! Since there, already reached PSG at the top. Keep up the good work :. Would you say this was any better? Ross Barkley started my game injured until Winter.

I have one question, do you think the tactic will work if you change your Advance Forward to a False Nine? I just think that the gap between the lone striker and the midfield is too big. Classic Mode… Updates to Classic Mode allow you more freedom when selecting nations, leagues and players in your gameworld. And much more.. You should take this file to safe in your anti-virus program.

Downloaded this 3dm version few days ago and went to play first friendly and it crash dumped, this doesnt open with steam or anything just automatically runs on computer when clicked. Can confirm it is not working on 32 bit Windows 7. Disabled all anitvirus — Unrar the rar file Tried to start as fm.

Disable antivirus unrar the game install directX restart Launch game as administrator. At first, I got mad when the game crashed. Then I right clicked the game launch file FM,exe and run as administrator, the problem solved. So every time i wanna start the game, juz run it as admin. Guys if you are getting crash dumps constantly, you should copy Football Manager folder and the all game files into Program Files x86 folder and then run as administrator. I download from torrent twice and when about to unrar it got error unknown mehod in Football Manager And all files is 0 bytes.

Can you please re-upload the torrent. When I open torrent file to download it, the Torcache page says me that any file is found Can you refresh please? Thank you. Hi the game crashes in 2nd june … wondering if i can be helped out with this matter thank you for your time. Please tell me that you will crack v This update v I cannot play the game in this way.

Please crack as soon as possible. What reason? Then you must run fm. Fix for crash dump after 2nd day: I put the entire folder on the exception for my anitvirus Avast free. I hope this will help you. Hi nice job!!! But now the game version is It works properly, but when v Dear skidrow first thank you very much. Second i would like to ask if you will crack the Just to know…. Guys, when can we expect the new version The In my pc the crach dump has a problem too.

Now is working! Sorry for my english. Guys, ErrorSolverGuy is right.. Simply install the DirectX and then run FM as administrator.. Hi, I have downloaded the game , disabled antivirus and run as administrator the file , but the game does not start and does not give me any error, does not do anything. Is there a solution? Thank You!!! I am not getting any reaction, I tried both these torrents and one other, when I start the game both of them appear in running processes in task manager, but the game doesnt start, the window doesnt open doesnt exist at all and I am not even getting any errors?!

I look forward to your update.. Why dont have real name in games? Dudes, I still cant play it. It crashed, said smth about crash dump file not working and shit. Did as what u guys said, extract, run the exe. Django , look at this page and setup all programs they recommended to play the game without crashes.. This crack works perfectly but the v It s a problem of crack version?

This It worked for me. I have Windows Vista. Turned off windows firewall Already had the correct directx infact if I click the dxwebsetup. Copy the instalation foulder to Programs x86 , then disable your antivirus and execute as administrator. It really works!! I made all required to play antivirus,directx,java,admin and the game was playing… but!!!

A few things you guys need to do for it to work……….. For those getting crashdumps on trying to play the first game of the season, I tried every listed fix possible updated all drivers, ran as administrator still not working..

However I did find a way that made it work… Manually selected under 21s squad and subs setup tactic. Well, just to let you my feedback: it really works!! Buuuut, you should follow many advices given in this thread as:. I run the game and nothing pops up? I open the taskbar manager and it says that the game was running. It works! Just turn off your Anti virus, unpack the rar files, then run as administrator!

When you want to turn on your Anti virus — just exclude the FM folder! The match engine bug in version Very fruastrated pls S. Please for also have the activation key of this game Football manager please you can send me them in my email please please please. Game works properly but i would to like to use my Language italian , is there any way to find languages pack?

The crash dump error seemed to have gone away in the beginning of the game by running as Administrator. Different graphic settings, reinstall the game in different directories, virusdetectors and fiewall off… it just goed crash dump in the winter of season 3. Guys Kaspersky has just detected Virtool. In the beginning the game is running well, now fm 15 crashes dump..

Please help. Where is the crack of updates???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? How do you do this? Unzip, put exception in antivirus and run fm. So, i have the problem with crash dumps. Run as adm and turn off antivirus and firewall. Downloaded the file, disabled the antiviruses and defender, extracted it, moved it to program files, and ran it as administrator, the file 3DM.

It is very weird, because when the match ends, the laptop slows down again and decreases its temperature. Had anybody the same problem? How can i fix it? Am grateful guys. Crete a new save game but it uses randomly generate Arabic sounding names. I have used the same package and using the same installation processes in my older machine and it worked perfectly.

Any idea please. For everyone that installed DirectX and still crashed dumped: 1. Open downloaded. When pop-up appears, close it. If you already installed the game, copy the files in the crack folder to your FM15 directory. Your email address will not be published. FEATUREE Tracksuit Manager You can now define your managerial style like never before, using the new manager points system to focus on coaching, scouting, youth development, man-management… or maybe a little of everything?

New User Interface A new look and feel to the user interface with a left-hand navigation bar makes management easier and more intuitive Scouting Centre… The new Scouting Centre integrates all areas of player recruitment. Football Manager v Extract 1. Unrar 2. Burn or mount the image 3. Install the game 4. Play the game. Posted by Skidrow. X'z 20 Nov , Reply. Jake 21 Nov , Reply. Nirvana 21 Nov , Reply.

Peter 21 Nov , Reply. Lino 24 Nov , Reply. Me too. When I launch the game as admnistrator it crash! Akmal Shah Adam 24 Nov , Reply. Feerg 24 Nov , Reply. Paulo Ziliotto 25 Nov , Reply. Can someone please help me?

Kobi 27 Nov , Reply. It just does nothing. Wont start anything. Even with AV disabeld and adm. Uchiha Itachi 28 Nov , Reply. Neek 28 Nov , Reply. Chris 29 Nov , Reply. Hell Yeah 01 Dec , Reply. Devab 01 Dec , Reply.

Biagio 03 Dec , Reply. Thiago 03 Dec , Reply. Zaher 04 Dec , Reply. Ricky 06 Dec , Reply. Diego 07 Dec , Reply. Pinz 10 Dec , Reply. Cymru 10 Dec , Reply. Jeremy E. Maoska 12 Dec , Reply. UwU 12 Dec , Reply. Petrosinho 13 Dec , Reply. Peter 14 Dec , Reply. What can i do?? Joana 15 Dec , Reply. Does not work, when I try to unrar it I get errors…. Eren 15 Dec , Reply. Jose 15 Dec , Reply. Chocu 16 Dec , Reply. ErrorSolverGuy 16 Dec , Reply. MegaTink07 17 Dec , Reply. Ahmed 17 Dec , Reply.

Nathan 18 Dec , Reply.

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